Optimus Titanium Folding Long Spoon

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Key Features

  • Titanium long spoon
  • Matte finish handle with a polished eating surface

Product Highlights

The lightweight Optimus Titanium Folding Long Spoon makes it easy to reach the bottom of your dehydrated food bag. A matte finish handle provides grip, while the polished surface makes clean up easy. A welcome addition to any backpackers cook set, the Titanium Folding Long Spoon is 8.5" in length and weighs just 0.7 ounces.

Optimus part number: 8019042

Product Reviews

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Optimus Titanium Folding Long Spoon

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  • Steve F. Bellflower CA

    Likes: What a great spoon! Very light and very easy to work with and very easy to clean and disassemble. I've used it for both cooking and eating and it delivers in both regards.

    Dislikes: It doesn't fit folded and flat in all cook systems. I'll explain; even though the spoon folds the folded spoon is still long for a folded spoon. If you have the GSI Soloist it won't fit flat. You must disassemble the spoon and nest it upright around your canister. If you have the Halulite Dualist it will fit flat if you disassemble the spoon and bend the spoon end a bit. It fits flat in a 1100ml Stowaway pot without issue and I'm sure it would fit flat in a GSI Dualist and in a 750ml Stowaway without issue too. Still a great spoon though.

  • . Palm Bay FL

    Likes: What's not to like? :) Works and packs very well. Lightweight.

    Dislikes: No issues.

  • Michael B. Hudson OH

    Likes: Sturdy but very lightweight in construction. Long handle enables reaching deep into the cooking pouches to get every morsel!

    Dislikes: No negatives.