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  • Women's Clothing (6)
    • Women's Jackets (6)

      Women's jackets for hiking and backpacking in rain, snow or cold weather

  • Men's Clothing (18)
    • Men's Jackets (18)

      Men's jackets for hiking and backpacking in rain, snow or cold weather

  • Hats & Gloves (1)
  • Boots & Shoes (3)
    • Women's (1)

      The best hiking boots, trail shoes and footwear for women

    • Men's (2)

      The best hiking boots, trail shoes and footwear for men

    • Backpacking Boots (1)

      Backpacking boots are the sturdiest and most supportive boots for carrying heavy loads over a long distance

    • Hiking Boots (2)

      Hiking boots provide comfort, protection and support on rugged trails

  • Accessories & Gifts (2)
    • Gifts (2)

      Selections for the outdoor enthusiast on your list

  • Backpacks (5)
    • 2700-4300 cu. in. (2)

      Ideally sized to carry an average tent, sleeping bag and a typical weekend's worth of food and gear.

    • 3600-5600 cu. in. (5)

      Larger packs for trips of 3 or more days or weekends with lots of gear.

    • Extended Trip Packs (4300+ cubic inches) (3)

      Ideal for excursions of 5 or more days, our largest pack offerings are built to carry heavy loads over long distances.

    • Internal Frame Packs (5)

      Integrated framework provides maneuverability on or off the trail.

    • Women's Packs (1)

      High-performance designs for the female hiker and backpacker.

    • Weather-Resistant Packs (1)

      Waterproof fabrics, weatherproof zippers and innovative welded seams make these packs ideal for use in humid climates or wet weather.

  • Camp Furniture (1)
    • Hammocks (1)

      Hammocks for backcountry adventure or for just hangin' out

  • Sleeping Bags (9)
    • 35 Degree+ (1)

      Single-Season bags for use in summer or warm climates

    • 20-40 Degree (3)

      Down and synthetic bags for three-season backpacking and camping

    • 0-25 Degree (7)

      Versatile, cold-rated three-season sleeping bags

    • +10 Degrees & Below (2)

      Cold weather and four-season sleeping bags

    • Down Fill (8)

      Extremely lightweight and compressible fill material; best suited to dry climates due to reduced performance when wet

    • Synthetic Fill (1)

      Affordable alternative to down fill; maintains insulating qualities even when wet

    • Mummy Bags (5)

      Tapered cut shaves weight and increases thermal efficiency

    • Rectangular & Semi-Rectangular Bags (3)

      Provides roomy comfort for car and family camping

    • Liners & Overbags (1)

      Protect the interior of your bag and increase its temperature range

    • Women's Bags (2)

      Anatomically designed for a women's specific fit with increased insulation in those places where women need it most

    • Extra Large & Double-Wide Bags (3)

      Bags with sizes to fit BIG GUYS and couples

  • Sleeping Pads (1)
    • Camping Mattresses (1)

      Providing maximum sleeping comfort and warmth, these pads are ideal for camping when you don’t need to haul gear in a backpack.

    • Self-inflating Mattresses (1)

      Open-cell foam absorbs air to self-inflate. These pads are more comfortable than closed-cell foam and don’t have the “bounciness” of air mattresses.

    • 4-Season Mattresses (1)

      Thicker pads provide more insulation in cold weather and more cushioning comfort in warm weather.

  • Snowshoes (11)
  • Tents (23)
    • 2-Person Tents (10)

      Tents with room for two or extra roominess for one

    • 3 & 4-Person Tents (11)

      Camping and backpacking tents with room for three or four inhabitants

    • 5+ Person Tents (2)

      Spacious tents for large groups, base camping or car camping

    • Tarps, Shelters & Canopies (1)

      Overhead and/or screened protection against rain, sun and bugs

    • Backpacking Tents (15)

      Lightweight designs pack down small for easier carrying

    • Family Camping Tents (8)

      Designed especially for car and family camping (not for backpacking)

    • Ultralight Tents & Shelters (4)

      Minimalist designs and advanced materials make these the lightest offerings available

    • 3-Season Tents (23)

      Versatile tents designed for use in Spring, Summer and Fall

    • Double Wall Tents (17)

      Removable rainfly protects against the elements and reduces interior condensation

    • Single-Wall/Hybrid Tents (7)

      Weight-conscious offerings without a separate rainfly, best suited to dry climates where condensation is not an issue

  • Travel (1)
    • Travel Backpacks (1)

      Convertible offerings that double as luggage for air or train travel and a fully-functional backpack once you’ve arrived at your travel destination and the adventure really begins.

    • Luggage & Carry-On Bags (1)

      Traditional and non-traditional offerings for extended travel, overnight or weekend trips and for carry-on usage.



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