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Exped Mats & Sleeping Pads

Exped DownMat UL 7 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

An amazing combination of warmth and packability, the Exped DownMat UL 7 inflatable pad allows even ounce-counting backpackers to enjoy comfort in all 4-seasons. High-performance insulation provides the pad with a warm R-value of 5.9.

DownMat UL 7

  • R-value 5.9
  • 4-season, down insulated mat
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $228.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
Exped DownMat 9 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Providing unmatched warmth and comfort for 4-season backpacking, the innovative Exped DownMat 9 inflatable sleeping pad has a toasty R-value of 8.0 and its own built-in pump. Insulated with high-performance 750+ fill goose down for maximum warmth.

DownMat 9

  • R-value 8.0
  • Laminated down insulation
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $238.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
Exped Explorer 130 Trekking Poles (Pair)

Lightweight (14.46 oz per pair) and collapsible, Exped Explorer 130 trekking poles feature 4 telescoping DAC aluminum sections that provide a broad range of adjustability (41"-51") while packing down small enough to fit inside your pack or luggage.

Explorer 130

  • 14.46 oz per pair
  • Ultralight and compact trekking pole
  • Reg. Price: $149.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
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Based in Europe, Exped builds innovative, rugged expedition equipment, including sleeping pads, tents and sleeping bags. Exped applies a unique approach to gear construction, consistently unveiling new and ground-breaking product.

Backcountry Edge is proud to be an authorized Exped dealer.

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  • Sleeping Pads (2)
    • Camping Mattresses (1)

      Providing maximum sleeping comfort and warmth, these pads are ideal for camping when you don’t need to haul gear in a backpack.

    • Air Pads (2)

      These inflatable pads use air for cushioning. They’re lightweight and pack smaller than closed-cell foam or self-inflating mattresses.

    • Multi-Purpose Mattresses (1)

      Light enough for backpacking, yet comfortable enough for car camping, these pads strike a balance between the extremes of weight and comfort.

    • Backpacking Mattresses (2)

      Ideal for hikers who are willing to sacrifice a little comfort for a lighter weight and smaller stuff size.

    • Ultralight Pads (1)

      Extreme lightweight pads for hikers and climbers who care far more about light weight and small stuff size than they do about comfort.

    • 4-Season Mattresses (2)

      Thicker pads provide more insulation in cold weather and more cushioning comfort in warm weather.

  • Trekking Poles (1)
    • Trekking Pole Sets (1)

      Poles for hiking, backpacking or snowshoeing.

    • Ultralight Poles (1)

      Lighter than standard poles, these lightweight designs optimize swing weight for less fatigue.

    • Snowshoeing Poles (1)

      While most trekking poles accept add-on baskets for showshoeing, these snowshoe poles have been specifically tuned for use in the snow.


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