Cool Pooch Sport Bottle Dog/Human Water Bottle

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Key Features

  • One bottle, 2 separate water supplies.
  • No backwash.

Product Highlights

The Cool Pooch Sport Bottle is a one-of-a-kind water bottle for on-the-go dog owners and their pets. You can drink directly from the straw while a tapered cup built into the cap of the Cool Pooch Sport Bottle provides your dog with a separate bowl of its very own.

Dishwasher safe and perfectly sized for car cup holders and backpack water bottle pockets, the Cool Pooch Sport Bottle is sold individually.

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Cool Pooch Sport Bottle Dog/Human Water Bottle

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  • Marcella P. San Luis Obispo CA

    Likes: IT's kind of a neat idea

    Dislikes: It's fairly rediculous. It's like the pull down masks from planes stuck to the top of an Avian bottle. I mean, why? It's a weird shape so you can't pack it- just get a Ruff Wear collapsable bowl and carry a light water bottle.

  • Sheila P. Chandler AZ

    Likes: It has two water resevoirs, the water doesn't mix. An insulated bottle would be better in our AZ heat but not bad for short hikes.

    Dislikes: Took the dogs a little while to understand why we were putting the bottle up to their mouths. Might be just as easy to carry water and a collapse-able dish for longer trips etc.