Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets

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Key Features

  • Sold in quantities of 12
  • 12-15 minutes of burn time per cube
  • Does not liquefy when burning

Product Highlights

Compact and practically odorless and smokeless, Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets provide a steady and reliable source of heat for alcohol backpacking stoves. Each Esbit Solid Fuel Tablet is non-toxic, leaves no ash residue and provides 15 minutes of burn time.

Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets are sold in quantities of 12.

part number: 118171

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Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets

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  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Easy to Light, Long Burn Time

    Dislikes: Smell, Leftover Char

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: My first Esbit experience. I use canister stoves and on short hikes alcohol. I like the light weight, compactness, non-toxic and ease of use. With windscreen boiling <16oz is easy with one Esbit. 16oz in 34 degree temp just started a top boil at edges with one Esbit. The residue on pot dropped it from 4 to 3 stars. A good backup fuel.

    Dislikes: It is not as hot as alcohol stove and way less than canister stove. Once lit only control is raise or lower pot to flame. The major downside is the residue left on the pot. Esbit can be extinguished and relit and burns to almost no ash. All of this is great, but it leaves a residue on your pot that is hard to clean in the field. I tried wrapping pot bottom in foil (shiny side to pot)and that was OK didn't seem to effect boil times.

  • Lauran O. Lexington SC

    Likes: Good reliable burn, easy to see the flame, not bulky like canisters to bring or liquid to worry about

    Dislikes: Be sure to hang these (and stove) or put in bear canister, Smell is awful! Residue builds up but fairly easy to scrape out.

  • John H. Chandler AZ

    Likes: I've been using a solid-fuel stove as my main backpacking stove for awhile now. All I need to do is boil some water and solid fuel stoves never fail at that. These Esbit brand tabs burn quite a bit longer and hotter than any other brand I've seen. A friend of mine once burned through two of his non-Esbit solid fuel tabs while my single Esbit tab kept going.

    Dislikes: After a few burns, the residue from these tabs can really build up. Not too much of a problem, really, as this is characteristic of most solid fuel tabs.

  • Lauran O. Lexington SC

    Likes: Easy to pack (checked baggage when travel) and very easy to use! consistent burn time, flame was easy to see unlike the alcohol.

    Dislikes: The tablets smell god awful. Almost a fishy smell which was a little concerning with bears in the area, they were hung every night with the food in a separate bag.

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