MSR XGK EX Extreme Expedition Stove

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Key Features

  • Proven: No. 1 choice on expeditions worldwide.
  • Multi-Fuel: Reliably burns more liquid fuels than any other stove.
  • Dependable: Easy to field maintain; Shaker Jet cleans fuel jet with a simple shake.
  • Compact: New flexible fuel line allows stove to fit in a 1.5-liter MSR pot.
  • Superfast: Boils 1 liter of water in just 2.8 minutes (using kerosene fuel).
  • Extra-Stable: New retractable legs and pot supports provide unprecedented stability.


Recommended Use: Extreme Conditions
Item Weight: 13.2 oz.
Type: Liquid-Fuel
Material: Stainless steel/brass
Fuel: White gas, kerosene, unleaded auto gas, aviation gas, jet fuel and diesel fuel
Average Boil Time: 3.6 min.
Burn Time: 111 min. (20 oz of fuel)
Cold Weather Performance: Excellent
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Highlights

MSR's XGK liquid fuel stove is the number one choice of expeditions around the world. The XGK EX is MSR's most reliable extreme-condition, high-altitude stove. This high-performance blowtorch is ideal for melting snow or boiling water.

The XGK EX dependably burns a variety of liquid fuels such as: white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto gas, and aviation gas. With a simple change of jets (included) the XGK EX will also burn jet fuel and diesel fuel.

The new flexible fuel line allows the XGK EX to pack smaller than ever, and now fits into a 1.5 liter MSR pot. The retractable legs and new wider pot supports provide superior stability.

The XGK EX comes equipped with MSR's self-cleaning Shaker Jet. In liquid-fuel stoves, the jet controls the rate of fuel flow into the stove's Mixer Tube, but for this to happen, the opening of the jet must be extremely small. Unvaporized and solidified fuel particles can wreak havoc on such a small gateway, but MSR's Shaker Jet solves this dilemma. A weighted needle nests inside the jet and when the stove is on, fuel will flow around this needle. When the stove is not in use, this needle will push any debris through the jet's opening with a simple shake--thus the "Shaker Jet" name.

The XGK EX includes the stove, fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small parts kit, stuff sack and instructions. The Fuel bottle is sold separately.

MSR part number: 11043

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MSR XGK EX Extreme Expedition Stove

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  • Bryan G. New Ringgold PA

    Likes: Great stove for ultra lightweight backpacking trips!

    Dislikes: Nothing, great product all around

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: It boils water extremely fast, and pack light and compact.

    Dislikes: nothing so far, used on 2 hiking trips