MSR Water Treatment, Bottles and Hydration

MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter

The MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter allows you to securely connect your HyperFlow Microfilter to a wide-mouth, 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle or any other container with 63mm threaded openings.

Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter

  • Price: $12.95
MSR HyperFlow Replacement Cartridge

The MSR HyperFlow Replacement Cartridge helps you restore the life of your HyperFlow Microfilter. The innovative hollow fiber cartridge screws easily into your HyperFlow Microfilter via a threaded attachment.

HyperFlow Replacement Cartridge

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  • Price: $39.95
MSR HyperFlow Prefilter Replacement

The MSR HyperFlow Microfilter utilizes a prefilter to remove sizeable debris and particles prior to the final filtering process. The HyperFlow Prefilter Replacement restores the functionality of your microfilter.

HyperFlow Prefilter Replacement

  • Price: $29.95
MSR HyperFlow Maintenance Kit

Keep your HyperFlow Microfilter working at its highest efficiency with the MSR HyperFlow Maintenance Kit. The kit includes two check-valve replacements, two O-rings, an O-ring removal tool, an O-ring installation tool and a tube of silicone lubrication.

HyperFlow Maintenance Kit

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  • Price: $19.95
MSR Aquatabs (30 pack) Water Purification Tablets

Providing safe drinking water in as little as 30 minutes, MSR Aquatabs meet EPA purifier standards for fast-and-effective treatment of viruses, bacteria, protozoa and Giardia cysts. Sold in packs of 30 (each tablet treats up to 2 liters of water).

Aquatabs (30 pack)

  • Sold n packs of 30
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  • Price: $12.95
  • Out of stock.
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Mountain Safety Research started as a one-man crusade in the 1960's to call attention to the safety and quality of climbing equipment. Today, MSR is a diverse, global company dedicated to developing reliable outdoor products for committed backcountry users. Their dedication to reliable and well-designed gear has led them to introduce revolutionary new products, improve existing products and even reinvent the old. The result is a line of products that set the benchmark for outdoor equipment design.

Whether your quest of the moment is thru-hiking, kayaking or exploring a remote region north of Hudson Bay, you can count on MSR products to see you through trip after trip after trip.

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