MSR Universal Bottle Adapter and Cleanside Cover

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Key Features

  • Allows your MSR HyperFlow Microfilter to securely interface with hydration containers of various sized threaded openings.

Product Highlights

Increasing the functionality of your MSR filter, the MSR Universal Bottle Adapter allows the filter to be connected directly to a wide array of water containers, including MSR Dromedary bags, Platypus bottles, narrow or wide-mouthed Nalgene bottles, most metal water bottles and even standard soda bottles! The Universal Bottle Adapter also includes a closure cap that keeps the adapter free of debris while in your pack.

MSR part number: 56504

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MSR Universal Bottle Adapter and Cleanside Cover

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  • Mike B. Raleigh NC

    Likes: Lets me connect a piece of tubing (not provided) between my water filter and several different water containers with varying size openings. If you're a gadget person you will like this accessory.

    Dislikes: When the "Key Features" description on this MSR Universal Bottle Adapter stated it was for the HyperFlow Microfilter, I had the impression that this adapter would have a twist lock connector similar to the MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adapter (Item #MSRE8204). This isn't the case. It's pretty much a single hose connector on filter side and one threaded and a series of stepped fittings on the bottle side. The closure cap doesn't seem to serve much function keeping out debris because the bottle side of the adapter is still exposed.