MSR Tip Protector Trekking Pole Accessory (Pair)

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Key Features

  • Reduce impact in sensitive areas
  • Add traction and reduce noise on hard surfaces
  • Compatible with all MSR Trekking Poles

Product Highlights

Sold in pairs and designed to press fit over the end of any MSR trekking pole, the MSR Tip Protector can be used to provide improved grip on hard surfaces or for use indoors or on improved surfaces.

MSR part number: 06587

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MSR Tip Protector Trekking Pole Accessory (Pair)

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  • . South Euclid OH

    Likes: Just the thing for walking on roads, sidewalks, and hard-pan trails. Also useful to prevent MSR trekking poles from sinking into soft ground when hiking or pitching a lightweight tent or tarp.

    Dislikes: Two extra tips in the pack (in case you lost one) for the same price would be fair.