MSR SweetWater Microfilter

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Key Features

  • Fast: Pumps at a fast flow rate of 1+ liters per minute.
  • Easy to Use: Lever-action pump handle has a 4-to-1 mechanical advantage and dual pump action, so you don't have to work as hard.
  • Lightweight: Filter unit weighs just 11 ounces.
  • Compact: Handle folds flat when not in use for easy packing and storage.


Recommended Use: Fast and light backpacking
Item Weight: 11 oz.
Dimensions: 7.5 x 2 in.
Field Maintainable: No
Filter Material: 0.2 micron Silica Depth
Removes: Giardia; Cryptosporidium; Bacteria; Taste
Flow Rate: 1+ Liters per minute

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Product Highlights

The MSR SweetWater microfilter is fast and easy to use. The lever-action pump delivers water on both the up and down strokes, with a flow rate of 1+ liters per minute.

If the granular activated carbon filter becomes clogged, it can be cleaned with a simple brushing, and the filter is good for up to 750 liters of water before replacement. The SweetWater even lets you know when the filter becomes clogged by releasing a stream of water from the pressure release valve.

The SweetWater microfilter is effective against bacteria and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, and also removes tastes and odors.

At only 11 oz. and measuring 7.5 in. x 2 in., the SweetWater microfilter is easy to pack and carry.

Kit includes: microfilter, hose float, filter cleaning brush, color coded hoses, prefilter, carry bag and instructions.

MSR part number: 02237

Product Reviews

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MSR SweetWater Microfilter

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  • . Stafford VA

    Likes: Excellent product, cannot go wrong here. Easy to use and quick to filter, really like the water bottle attachment.

    Dislikes: None at this time

  • . Christiansburg VA

    Likes: This is the workhorse of the MSR waterfiltration line. Seems to be durable and reliable. I like you can clean the filter.

    Dislikes: A little on the heavy side relativey speaking.

  • Josh S. Burlington NC

    Likes: Very easy to use. This is my first hand pump filter and So far it has been great.

    Dislikes: Hoses could be longer but not really a big deal.

  • Robert C. Hendersonville NC

    Likes: Packs Small, Lightweight, easy to use and clean.

    Dislikes: Some plastic parts seem weak

  • Jeffrey B. Silverdale WA

    Likes: Efficient little pump. Blows out a lot of water quickly! Easy to use. I think it has been effective, because as of yet no GI issues!

    Dislikes: No complaints! I will let you know if things change!

  • Gerald N. South St Paul MN

    Likes: I have owned a Sweetwater filter for years and have found them to be a very reliable high output filtration device. My old replacement cartridges appear to still work on the new MSR brand which is a major plus.

    Dislikes: The MSR plastic pump connection to the handle does not appear to be the same thickness of plastic as the old Sweetwater version so time will tell whether it holds up or not. My oldSweetwater filet has been on 20+ Boundary Water trips and several hiking trips, it now rest at the bottom of Agnes lake.

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