MSR SureLock UL-3 Trekking Poles (Pair)

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  • MSR SureLock UL-3  Trekking Poles (Pair)
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Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Three-section pole for maximum compactness
  • Zero-slip, push-button locking system
  • Ergonomic foam comfort grip
  • Trekking basket included


Recommended Use: Ultra-Lightweight Backpacking, Hiking and Snowshoeing
Item Weight: 15.0 oz/pair
Type: Aluminum Shafts
Minimum Length: Collapsed Length: 24" (61 cm)
Minimum Usable Length: 43" (110 cm)
Maximum Length: 55.1" (140 cm)

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Product Highlights

An ultra-lightweight option for year-round hiking and backpacking, MSR SureLock UL-3 trekking poles offer intuitive, fast and secure adjustability. The durable 3-section poles weigh in at just 15 ounces per pair!

The SureLock push-button system allows the poles to be smoothly and quickly extended to whatever height you need. A "lobed" shaft ensures that the push-button mechanism remains aligned so that it engages and disengages easily. Integrated straps on the grips help to take strain and stress off of your wrists. The upper pole sections are textured well below the standard grips, allowing you to easily hold the poles lower on the shaft, even with gloved hands, eliminating the need to shorten the pole every time you encounter a steep slope.

SureLock UL-3 poles include low-profile standard trekking baskets and swappable broader-diameter Snow Baskets (sold separately) are available to equip the poles for winter use. Carbide tips provide excellent on- or off-trail traction. The tips are replaceable and designed to break away entirely on the off-chance that you would get the poles stuck between rocks, putting poles shafts in jeopardy.

MSR SureLock UL-3 trekking poles are sold in pairs.

MSR part number: 06585

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MSR SureLock UL-3 Trekking Poles (Pair)

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  • . South Euclid OH

    Likes: The MSR SureLock UL-3s are the very best I found after an extensive shopping search. Unlike other competing adjusting systems the "SureLocks" were positive locking and easy to adjust with the tip of the thumb. Competing products (adjusting systems) were difficult for me to adjust even though I have the dexterity of an artist. Also, people who have a Nemo or other tent that uses trekking poles will find that the MSR UL-3s adjust precisely to 45 inches, or other length for a tight pitch.

    Dislikes: Based on construction, function, and value there is NOTHING not to like about the MSR SureLock UL-3 Trekking Poles. In a telecon and U-tube video Back Country's Steve was very helpful in pointing out the features of these poles. He even explained the "nesting notches" on the baskets of the poles. So it would have been nice if MSR included an explanation of this feature on the packaging so the uninitiated can use the notches to help strap the poles on their pack.