MSR Pole Maintenance Kit Trekking Pole Accessory

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Price: $12.95

In Stock! Ships Monday, April 20.

Key Features

  • 1 Large Pole Shaft Brush
  • 1 Small SureLock Button Hole Brush
  • 2 Ferrules
  • 1 3 mm Hex Key
  • 1 2.5 mm Hex Key
  • Includes Instructions and PackTowl Towel

Product Highlights

Keep your MSR trekking poles (sold separately) working optimally with the MSR Pole Maintenance Kit. The kit includes a pole shaft brush, a smaller SureLock Button hole brush, 2 replacement ferrules, a 3mm Hex Key, one 2.5mm Hex Key and a PackTowl.

MSR part number: 06373