MSR Lightning Ascent Women's (2013/2014) Snowshoes (Pair)

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  • MSR Lightning Ascent Womens (2013/2014) Snowshoes (Pair)
  • MSR Lightning Ascent Womens (2013/2014) Snowshoes (Pair) - 1
  • MSR Lightning Ascent Womens (2013/2014) Snowshoes (Pair) - 2

Key Features

  • Torsion2 crampons
  • Posi-Lock AT bindings
  • 360 degree traction frame
  • Ergo televator
  • Tubeless Unibody
  • Sold in pairs


Recommended Use: Steep and Challenging Snowshoeing and Winter Hiking
Item Weight: 22 inch: 3 lb 7 oz/pair
25 inch: 3 lb 11 oz/pair
Type: Snowshoes (Pair)
Capacity: up to 280 lbs depending on snow conditions
Warranty: Lifetime

Product Highlights

The high-performance MSR Lightning Ascent Women's snowshoe is built for varied terrains and sustained climbs. The revolutionary 360 Degree Traction Frame lends structure, modularity and a full perimeter of traction. An innovative Torsion 2 crampon offers versatility and security.

Designed to tackle even the most challenging conditions, Ascent Series snowshoes consist of MSR's most secure bindings and aggressive traction. Modular flotation tails (sold separately) provide versatility for breaking trail, carrying additional weight or for use in deep powder.

Lightweight, durable construction enables the Lightning Ascent Women's snowshoe to promote an easy, natural stride. The aluminum frame and urethane decking combine to offer flotation and durability without adding weight or bulk. The underside of the frame has an aggressive, toothed profile that delivers far more traction than traditional snowshoe designs. The pivoting, stainless steel Torsion 2 crampon has split teeth that better distribute force on rugged terrain. Independent flexibility enables the crampon to move freely but is designed to not over rotate, allowing you to maintain a free range of motion without jeopardizing balance.

The PosiLock AT Binding has a 2-piece body and four low-friction straps that conform to any footwear. The binding provides easy adjustability and security in any type of weather. On steep terrain, the Ergo Televator heel lifter can be easily flipped into position with a gloved hand or by the tip of a trekking pole to reduce calf fatigue and better distribute load over the entire frame.

The Lightning Ascent Women's snowshoe is available in 22-inch and 25-inch lengths. Assess your weight, including all the gear and clothing you'll be wearing the majority of the time you snowshoe. Also consider the snow conditions you're likely to travel in most often. Deep, untracked powder demands a higher surface area from a snowshoe in order to keep you from sinking too deep for easy travel. Groomed trails, established snowshoe routes or snow with high moisture content tend to make smaller snowshoes a better choice. Selecting the smallest possible snowshoe that matches your needs in most, if not all situations allows you to maximize agility and efficiency.

MSR's suggested weight recommendations are as follows: 90-180 pounds for 22-inch snowshoes and 120-210 pounds for 25-inch snowshoes. A modular design allows you to attach the Lighting Ascent Women's snowshoe to the MSR Lightning Tail 5" (sold separately) when conditions and weight demand greater flotation.

The MSR Lightning Ascent Women's snowshoe is sold in pairs and is available in your choice of color options.

Styles available: 22 inch Graphite, 22 inch Sky Blue, 25 inch Graphite, 25 inch Sky Blue

MSR part numbers: 06859, 06857, 06858, 06856

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MSR Lightning Ascent Women's (2013/2014) Snowshoes (Pair)

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  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Durable and easily adjustable. Aggressive toothed profile provides additional traction when traversing rugged terrain or obstacles in the trail. Optional float tails increase the shoes’ surface areas, and provide additional floatation when conditions demand it.

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • . Blaine WA

    Likes: It is excellent. I really like it.

    Dislikes: Nothing.