MSR Flex 4 System Camping Cookware

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  • MSR Flex 4 System Camping Cookware
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Key Features

    System includes
  • One 3.2L Non-stick DuraLite DX pot
  • One dual-handle 5.3L hard anodized pot
  • Two strainer lids
  • One Talon Pot Handle
  • Four polypropylene DeepDish plates
  • Four insulated mugs

Product Highlights

Designed for the preparation of elaborate backcountry meals for up to four hikers or campers, the MSR Flex 4 System is a full-featured, all-inclusive cook set. Lightweight, durable materials provide versatility and reliable performance.

Employing a packable design, the entire Flex 4 System nests within a large dual-handle 5.3 liter hard-anodized cook pot and its strainer lid. The other components of the Flex 3 System include a 3.2 liter non-stick Duralite DX pot with strainer lid, an MSR Talon Pot Handle, four BPA-free polypropylene DeepDish plates and four insulated mugs.

MSR part number: 05996

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MSR Flex 4 System Camping Cookware

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  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: well thought out and fits in a tight package.

    Dislikes: little pricy, but we will see how long the payoff is.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Great quality and very compact.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Bobby P. San Francisco CA

    Likes: Nice compact design with all items nesting in the largest 5.3L pot and lid. The 5.3L pot does not have non-stick coating like the 3.2L pot. Insulated mugs are decent size and work great for liquid meals (soups / stews) or hot beverages. They keep the content warm for a long time if you keep the lids on. Deep dishes are of 2 sizes so that they fit with the system. The pot handle for the 3.2L pot is made of metal / plastic and the 5.3L pot’s handles are metal (aluminum) with a plastic cover for insulation. The 3.2L pot handle is removable. That being said, I would not use these pots on a campfire unless you could really control the heat. Over all system worked well for our use.

    Dislikes: At $159 MSRP, these are pricey. Pots are thin (obviously for weight savings), so you have to keep that in mind when packing them (easy to dent and scratch). Also, I find that the 5.3L pot it too big for 4 people. In the future I’m considering leaving the 5.3L pot and lid behind and replacing it with a skillet. We used this on a few multi-day trips so far and they have held up well. Durability of the non-stick coating and pots are a concern, but if used properly (use wooden / non-scratch cooking utensils), should be OK. Lid for the 3.2 L pot’s handle gets smashed when assembled.