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Mountainsmith Haze 50 Video Related Videos

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  • Mountainsmith Haze 50 Backpack

    Mountainsmith Haze 50 Backpack

    Unlike many lightweight packs that skimp on comfort to achieve weight-savings, the Mountainsmith Haze 50 weighs less than 2 pounds but still boasts a surprisingly supportive suspension.

  • Mountainsmith Phantom 40 Backpack

    Mountainsmith Phantom 40 Backpack

    A durable, feature-rich day pack, the versatile Mountainsmith Phantom 40 has a breathable suspension system and convenient panel-loading organizational features.

  • Mountainsmith Ghost 50

    Mountainsmith Ghost 50

    The durable, load-hauling Mountainsmith Ghost 50 internal frame backpack offers premium performance for deep in the backcountry and the top of the mountain.