Mountain House Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar Freeze-Dried Dessert

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Key Features

  • No preparation required.
  • Single serving size.


Net Weight: 0.75 oz.
Serving Size: 1 bar
Servings Per Container: 1
Calories: 120
Total Fat: 6g
Cholesteral: 25mg
Sodium: 50mg
Protein: 2g
Carbohydrates: 15g

Product Highlights

Mountain House's Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar is a ready-to-eat dessert consisting of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry freeze-dried ice cream. Requiring no preparation, the Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar is perfect for quenching your on the trail ice cream cravings!

The Mountain House Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar is sold in a ready-to-eat single serving.

Mountain House part number: 290074

Product Reviews

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Mountain House Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar Freeze-Dried Dessert

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  • Joshua C. Santa Rosa CA

    Likes: Fun dessert for short backpacking trips--taste is exactly what a real one tastes like but the texture and temperature are all wrong (not in a bad way though!)

    Dislikes: I wouldnt take these on longer/harder trips--they take up too much space for the number of calories they provide and they're a little expensive.

  • . Gunter TX

    Likes: Best ice crean you can get without a freezer.

    Dislikes: Came broken in multiple pieces.

  • Travis R. Knoxville TN

    Likes: A snack while on the trail, and it is lightweight.

    Dislikes: It tastes like it is freeze-dried. Probably won't buy again, but instead will buy energy bars as my snack.

  • anthony s. dover PA

    Likes: It tastes pretty good.The best feature however is asking your hiking partner while hiking in this summer heat if they would like some icecream and pulling this out of your pack.

    Dislikes: no dislikes

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Delicious and lightweight.

    Dislikes: none

  • Jeff O. Crestwood KY

    Likes: lightweight

    Dislikes: bulky

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