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Mountain Hardwear OutDry Technology Video Related Videos

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  • Mountain Hardwear Q.Shield DOWN

    Mountain Hardwear Q.Shield DOWN

    With Mountain Hardwear's Q.Shield DOWN, each plume of down is treated with permanent water repellency, creating an effective insulator even when exposed to moisture.

  • Mountain Hardwear Q.Shield Technology

    Mountain Hardwear Q.Shield Technology

    Mountain Hardwear's Q.Shield technology works like a force field, preventing water from penetrating the outer fabrics of the glove.

  • Mountain Hardwear Thermal.Q Elite

    Mountain Hardwear Thermal.Q Elite

    Mountain Hardwear's Thermal.Q Elite technology mimics the thermal efficient qualities and loft of down to provide a more hydro phobic, lightweight, synthetic insulator.

  • Mountain Hardwear EVAP Technology

    Mountain Hardwear EVAP Technology

    Dry.Q EVAP combines waterproof-breathability of Dry.Q with EVAP, an interior-surface wicking technology that disperses through a network of channels on the fabric so it evaporates more quickly, improving breathability and keeping the wearer drier.