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  • Suunto Ambit FusedSpeed Technology

    Suunto Ambit FusedSpeed Technology

    The Suunto Ambit, an all-in-one GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass, thermoment and sport watch, combines GPS frequencies and accelerometer technologies to provide an accurate and precise "fused speed" reading.

  • Suunto: Conquer New Territory

    Suunto: Conquer New Territory

    Providing reliable altimeters, GPS systems and heart rate monitors, Suunto is the reliable partner you'll want to take on all your outdoor explorations.

  • Suunto Core: Getting Started

    Suunto Core: Getting Started

    An all-in-one altimeter, barometer, depth meter, compass and sport watch, the award-winning Suunto Core is ideal for mountaineers, backpackers, snorkelers and other outdoor adventurers.

  • Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor/Sport Watch

    Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor/Sport Watch

    Equipped with an array of performance-enhancing features, the Suunto Quest sport watch is a powerful training tool that allows you to monitor your heart rate and performance in real time.

  • Suunto Vector: Compass Calibration

    Suunto Vector: Compass Calibration

    The Suunto Vector HR heart rate monitor/altimeter also features a precise and accurate digital compass.

  • Suunto Quest: Training functions

    Suunto Quest: Training functions

    The Suunto Quest sport watch allows you to enhance performance and training by allowing you to preset workouts, establish thresholds and chart and review exercise logs.