Komperdell C7 Titanal Carbon Trekking Poles (Pair)

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Key Features

  • Touring Contour grips
  • Padded wrist straps
  • Power Lock II system
  • Ice-slope tips with movable mechanisms adjust the baskets to the terrain
  • Ice-slope tungsten/carbide tips
  • Sold in pairs


Recommended Use: Lightweight Snowshoeing, Backpacking or Hiking
Type: Carbon/Aluminum Shafts
Minimum Length: 43.3" (110 cm)
Maximum Length: 57" (145 cm)
Warranty: One-Year

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Product Highlights

An excellent combination of durability and lightweight construction, Komperdell C7 Titanal Carbon poles are well-suited for alpine use, snowshoeing or year-round hiking. A hybrid aluminum and carbon design provides these two-section poles with reliability at a lower-than-average weight.

C7 Titanal Carbon trekking poles feature compact Touring foam grips. These soft, streamlined grips serve as ergonomic handholds and integrated, adjustable straps reduce strain on your wrists. Padding continues several inches below the standard grips, allowing the pole to be held lower on the shaft, thus eliminating the need to shorten the pole every time you encounter a steep slope.

The external locks found on C7 Titanal Carbon poles are far easier to adjust than the internal locking mechanisms used on many telescoping poles. Simply push open the locking tab, adjust the poles to the required length (43.3"-57") and snap the tab back into place.

C7 Titanal Carbon trekking poles are equipped for alpine and winter use with a unique basket/tip construction that allows the basket to adjust for slopes and varied terrain. The Tungsten/Carbide flex tips are designed to flex if the tip of the pole should get stuck, helping to protect the shafts from structural damage.

Komperdell C7 Titanal Carbon trekking poles are sold in pairs.

Komperdell part number: 1842407-10

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Komperdell C7 Titanal Carbon Trekking Poles (Pair)

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