Katadyn Vario Microfilter

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Key Features

  • Cleanable, ceramic disc lengthens life of primary microfilter.
  • Pleated fiberglass microfilter removes waterborne bacteria and cysts.
  • Replaceable carbon core reduces chemicals, pesticides and bad taste in water.
  • Filters up to 2 quarts of water per minute.
  • Filter up to 500 gallons over the life of the filter, depending on water quality.
  • Includes a prefilter, 2 packs of replaceable carbon, a cleaning pad and a deluxe carry bag.


Recommended Use: General backpacking, camping or emergency preparedness
Item Weight: 15 oz.
Dimensions: 6.5 in. length
Field Maintainable: Yes
Filter Material: 0.2 micron Ceramic and/or 0.3 micron fiberglass
Removes: Giardia; Cryptosporidium; Bacteria; Taste
Flow Rate: Up to 2 quarts per minute
Capacity: Up to 500 gallons depending on water quality

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Product Highlights

A ground-breaking combination of ceramic and fiberglass filters, the Katadyn Vario microfilter offers versatile, reliable performance for varied conditions. Simple to use, lightweight and compact, the Vario offers unparalleled output, effectively filtering up to 2 quarts of water per minute! The Vario effectively removes waterborne bacteria and cysts.

Fiberglass filters are more porous than ceramic filters, so they allow for high volume output, but also have a shorter life expectancy, as they are more prone to wear and tear and reduced performance in very dirty water. Though they offer lesser output than fiberglass filters due to the dense structure, ceramic filters more effectively filter dirty water, are more cleanable and have an extremely long life expectancy. Encasing both filter types in a single housing, the innovative Vario takes advantage of the positive aspects of each, depending on conditions. A simple turn of the Vario puts the ceramic filter to work, filtering 1 quart of water per minute and providing up to 500 gallons of water (depending on water quality) over the life of the filter. Turn the Vario again to engage the pleated fiberglass filter to provide up to 2 quarts of water per minute in less dirty conditions. A smooth-operating ergonomic handle employs dual-piston technology to increase efficiency. An activated carbon core reduces unpleasant tastes and odors, ensuring fresh-tasting water.

The Vario is designed to screw directly into the top of most 32 oz. water bottles but also includes an output hose and that can be used to fill hydration systems or other containers. A lengthy input hose with prefilter makes drawing water from streams or creeks easy and efficient. A deluxe carry bag has instructions and field maintenance tips. The Vario also comes with a cleaning pad.

Katadyn part number: 8014931

Product Reviews

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Katadyn Vario Microfilter

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  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Sleek, modern design
    Duel filters
    Pumps relatively quickly

    Dislikes: Expensive
    Bulky for lightweight camping

  • . Mead WA

    Likes: easy use, fast operation. Connected it directly to my water bottles

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Nathan C. Wyoming MI

    Likes: I finally had a chance to get out and use my Vario now that the deep freeze has lifted. I filled my 1L Platy bottle in about 30 seconds on the longer life filter setting. The filtered water was crystal clear and had no bad taste, a result of the carbon filter core. The pumping motion was intuitive as well.

    Dislikes: The plastic bag that came with the unit to store the output (clean) hose tore just under the zip closure. Not a fault of the filter, but definitely something i"ll have to find a more durable replacement for.

  • Marcie C. Cottonwood AZ

    Likes: Easy to use and does a great job. Really like how fast it can filter water.

    Dislikes: Nothing that I've discovered yet!

  • Esther G. Campbell CA

    Likes: i just received the item and haven't used it yet. But planning a trip to Mount Shasta in mid September 2013 and planned to use it then if not before.

    Based on research on the product feel that 5 stars is appropriate.

    Dislikes: Have nothing to say about it as it hasn't been used yet.

  • Derrick G. Thornton CO

    Likes: • Two different settings for either fast pumping or high filtration via the ceramic disc
    • Easy to disassemble and clean
    • Fast pumping due to the two-stage pump system
    • Nalgene style bottle attaches directly to the output side for easy one person operation
    • Replacement parts easy to find in local stores

    Dislikes: • Rubber tubing was difficult to attach to the barbed nipples - even with the included silicone gel
    • Included stuff sack was not large enough to fit the pump and the accessories

  • Kaushik G. Boise ID

    Likes: My backpacking friend had a MSR MiniWorks, so I was torn between the Vario and MiniWorks. Glad, I got the Vario, beats MiniWorks on all accounts. The double piston draws more water, the flexibility of Faster v/s Longer flow (its best to keep it at Longer, protects the fiberglass filter), sturdy handle, (replaceable) carbon fill for deodorizing and improving taste...Overall, a great filter! You can't go wrong with a Katadyn Vario!

    Dislikes: None, just hope that Katadyn reduce the price of spare cartridges, ceramic discs and carbon fills :-).

  • Arthur C. Paso Robles CA

    Likes: Bought this one for my daughter and it has performed just as expected. My Katadyn has worked to perfection and has lasted through repeated use as it is the Caddilac of filters and everyone uses mine. Wouldn't leave home without!

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Benjamin H. beachwood OH

    Likes: I like this because the unit is light compared to my other Katadyn. Less weight in my pack. Works well in conjunction with my uv filter!

    Dislikes: n/a

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Cleans water very good. Had to filter some not so great water and it worked very well.

    Dislikes: nothing worked like a champ!

  • Michael S. Tulsa OK

    Likes: The Vario is easy to use and supplies water on both strokes of the handle. We used 2 of them for a crew of 10 on a Boy Scout backpacking hike of 15 miles over 2 days. After about 20-25 liters you will probably have to stop and clean the ceramic disc but that's what's made for. Works great with a Nalgen bottle. OVerall pleased with the filter.

    Dislikes: Lots of moving parts and O-rings. They give you spare o-rings so do they expect them to fail? This kept me from giving 5 stars. If you want simple get the Hiker Pro.

  • John M. Middlebury VT

    Likes: Connected a wide mouth nalgene bottle to the base and filled it with ease. It took two fills to clear the charcoal dust, now all I get is clear, fresh tasting water. Haven't had any trouble yet with air locks like others have reported. Feels solid and well made. A little on the big side but the speed with which I can pump water makes it worthwhile.

    Dislikes: Size and weight may be more than I need for two of us backpacking.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: We took the Vario on a 40 mile self support trip on Lynches River, SC. Lynches River is a black water river with a lot of tannins and things to cause filtration problems. Just to be fair, water was collected and allowed to settle prior to filtering. During this 3 day run the filter was used daily with no problems. Thanks to Katadyn for a good product and BE for carrying it

    Dislikes: None.

  • Bruce S. Jacksonville FL

    Likes: I have bought two Varios, and I keep the extra one in the event that my party is large enough to bring the spare. I have been using my first Vario for over 3 years, and love the ease of use and the purity and taste of the water that is filtered. During that three-year period, I have changed the charcoal once and the ceramic filter twice.

    Dislikes: My first Vario developed an air pocket which requires me to purge prior to each use (taking top part and placing water in it to help prime the filter. Works fine following priming.

  • Kyle M. Tahlequah OK

    Likes: Great size for it's capacity (takes up a little less space than a 32 oz Nalgene). Love that it can connect directly to my wide mouth Nalgene bottles, and that it comes with replacement O-rings and parts. If you're at clearer water, it only takes seconds to change the output mode to bypass the ceramic prefilter for a higher output of water, and vice versa if you're at murky water and your filter has more work to do. Also comes with a handy pouch with material that seems like it will hold up pretty well for a while.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Easy to use
    Detailed instructions

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Arthur C. Paso Robles CA

    Likes: This filter is awesome. Lightweight, highly functional and fast. By the end of my last packpacking trip, the other four guys in my party were all using my Katadyn.

    Dislikes: Nothing!

  • Jim A. Brentwood TN

    Likes: Great product, excellent volume, easy to pump, and clean. Really like the direct connection to large mouth nalgene bottles. Wished I had it on my Boundary Waters trip this summer. Looking forward to using it next summer at Philmont!

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: This is a great product for backpacking, hiking, etc.

    Dislikes: nothing so far.

  • James S. Farmington NM

    Likes: This pump has great volume and is simple to operate. It is quality made and fairly light for the amount of water it can deliver. Depending on the quality of your source, it can typically filter water for a few days on the trail before needing to be cleaned. The kit comes with everything you need to operate, clean, and keep this pump in service.

    Dislikes: The capability of this pump makes it fairly complex, which equates to some intricate parts and seals. It comes with extras should you lose one, but if you're disassembling it at water's edge be careful.

  • Robert G. Grass Valley CA

    Likes: I like this filter because it is so easy to pump, and its really fast!

    Dislikes: The overall size of the filter is much larger than I thought it would be.

  • Mike E. Rockvale TN

    Likes: Easy to use, fast dual action pump. Connects directly to bottle/bladder or use the tube. The water even tasted good...Great product!

    Dislikes: ..

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: trust katadyn brand. great price.

    Dislikes: everything is good so far.

  • Ashleigh B. West Columbia SC

    Likes: I love its versatility! It can screw onto a nalgene or right into your camelbak! How convenient! Easy to operate, smooth pumping and super-fast. The water tastes wonderful coming out of it as well!

    Dislikes: ----

  • Kenneth C. Lynn Center IL

    Likes: Wonderful filter. Pluged up some once in mucky water. Cleaned ceramic filter and was good to go. Very fast filling up. Worked on many applications also.

    Dislikes: I did not like the charcoal in the filter. Poured it out and the water tasted just fine. Could be I live in the country and drink straight well water. Not used to all the chemicals in town water.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: The Vario performed as advertised. I really liked the option of attaching a 32 oz nalgen bottle directly to the filter...made the task that much easier. Even on the long life setting, water pumps freely and easily.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: I talked to the Katadyn rep at Canoeacopia last year and was impressed with the dual filtering. I was impressed with the quick delivery and good packaging from Backcountry Edge.

    Dislikes: nothing

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