Katadyn MicroPur Purification Tablets

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Key Features

  • Only EPA-registered purification tablets effective against viruses, bacteria and cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • The same chlorine dioxide treatment used to disinfect municipal water supplies.
  • One MicroPur tablet treats 1 full quart of water.
  • Available in packs of 20 or 30 tablets.

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Product Highlights

Easy to use and taking up almost no space at all, MicroPur tablets are ideal water treatment solutions for lightweight backpacking, travel or emergency use. Katadyn's MicroPur Tablets are the only EPA-registered purification tablets on the market effective against bacteria, viruses and cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Each MicroPur tablet releases sufficient chlorine dioxide, the substance used throughout the world to disinfect municipal water supplies, to treat 1 full quart of water. MicroPur leaves virtually no taste, so you can enjoy fresh-tasting water.

Available in packs of 20 or 30 tablets, the individually-wrapped MicroPur tablets have no expiration date.

Styles available: 20 Pack, 30 Pack

Katadyn part numbers: 8014996, 8013692

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Katadyn MicroPur Purification Tablets

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  • Joshua C. Santa Rosa CA

    Likes: Tiny, individually wrapped with instructions on each one. Hardly weighs anything. Only gave 4 stars because we havent had to use them yet--I carry them on all trips as backup to our pump filter.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Not sure yet of taste.... Giving a review before using.

    Dislikes: Just found out it takes FOUR HOURS!!!! Most I've seen from friends are a half hour. By the time 4 hours goes by I could hike to a town for a water source!!!! Would have liked to have known this before purchasing. Using as a back-up anyway.

  • . Northford CT

    Likes: small individually wrapped tablets, lightweight

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Rick S. Jenkins Twp PA

    Likes: Small LightWeight

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: convenient to use

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: small and light option for backpacking

    Dislikes: time required - 4 hours for full treatment. some sites indicate 30 mins for virus/bacteria treatment

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: As far as I can tell they work.
    I didn't get sick so I'll just have to assume they worked.
    I mainly carry them as a backup though and have only used them twice.

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Max N. Philadelphia PA

    Likes: Works perfectly hooked up in-line to my bladder.

    Dislikes: It's pretty bulky.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Its lightwieght, great for emergencies, not too bad on the price.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Andrew M. SANTA CRUZ CA

    Likes: As far as I can tell it worked

    Dislikes: No complaints

  • Joel F. Cuyahoga Falls OH

    Likes: Does the job effectively, says on the packaging that it takes 4 hours to kill all bacteria, but most of them are killed after about 20 minutes or so. With this stuff I can leave my pump filter at home and save some weight. I have changed over to using this as my primary water treatment method. Leaves minimal aftertaste.

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: They are easy to pack and use. Nice back up plan.

    Dislikes: No complaints.

  • Howard B. Flushing NY

    Likes: Easy to carry

    Dislikes: Important to have on the trail & should not be without

  • Allen O. Indianapolis IN

    Likes: Simple purification.

    Dislikes: all good.

  • Charles B. Pryor OK

    Likes: Easy to use, very little taste issues.

    Dislikes: Marked as corrosive so may be an issue with mailing or taking on airplane

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: It is effective against Viruses, Bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The aftertaste is minimal, and the product is a good value for the money.

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Very convenient back up for water purification. I carry a filter pump and then bring a couple of these tablets along as a back up. You can't beat the weight or compactness of these tablets.

    Dislikes: they take 4 hours to work so you need to plan out your water needs carefully when using these tablets especially if you want them to be your primary purification method.

  • steven p. mcdonough GA

    Likes: Never got sick so it must work...

    Dislikes: Takes 4hrs to work and still has a bad taste...

  • art s. hobe sound FL

    Likes: Well we used it and were not sick, so i guess it works.

    Dislikes: The chlorine taste is pretty strong so we add a "lemon powder" so mask the taste. it works...
    It is a bit expensive.

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