Jetboil 1.5 Liter FluxRing Cooking Pot

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Key Features

  • Compatible with the Jetboil Group Cooking System.
  • Compatible with the Jetboil Personal Cooking System when equipped with the Jetboil Pot Support and Stabilizer, sold separately.

Product Highlights

Whether you're looking to tackle a bigger cooking project than your standard Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS) is used to handling or you need to prepare a second course with your Group Cooking System, the Jetboil 1.5 Liter FluxRing Pot is just what you need! Boiling water or frying or simmering food for larger groups is no problem for this lightweight and functional cookware.

The 1.5 Liter FluxRing Cooking Pot is insulated and made of hand-anodized aluminum. The pot rests snugly atop the Group Cooking System's high performance burner through the use of Jetboil FluxRing technology, ensuring that less heat is lost during the cooking process. For use with the Personal Cooking System, the 1.5 Liter FluxRing Cooking Pot does require the Jetboil Pot Support, sold separately.

A neoprene lining encases the 1.5 Liter FluxRing Cooking Pot, keeping food and beverages warm long after heating. A removable lid further helps insulate the contents of the Cooking Pot and prohibits spills. The protective plastic bottom of the pot can be removed for use as a bowl or measuring device.

Adding to the functionality of the 1.5 Liter FluxRing Cooking Pot, the burner, fuel canister, and other accessories of your Jetboil Personal Cooking System can all be stowed inside the pot, greatly reducing the space taken up inside your backpack.

Jetboil part number: CCP150