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  • Icebreaker Biodegradable Fiber

    Icebreaker Biodegradable Fiber

    Icebreaker shows the amount of degradation on a garment after being buried over a 6 month period of time.

  • Icebreaker Brand Video

    Icebreaker Brand Video

    Icebreaker's 2013 Brand video.

  • Icebreaker Men's Relay and Women's Bolt SS Tees

    Icebreaker Men's Relay and Women's Bolt SS Tees

    Made from a blend of Merino wool and Lycra , the Icebreaker Relay SS Crewe and Bolt SS Crewe are technical tops that dry fast and pull sweat away from your body during aerobic activities.

  • Icebreaker Philosophy

    Icebreaker Philosophy

    Icebreakers philosophy is to bring out the technology and the beauty of Merino wool so it can have an impact on people's lives.

  • Icebreaker Supply Chain

    Icebreaker Supply Chain

    Starting with the growers, ending with the distribution of the finished product, Icebreaker shows their philosophy behind each step in the supply chain of their merino wool garments.