GSI Outdoors Cathole Trowel

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Key Features

  • Recycled polycarbonate construction
  • Serrated edges for easy digging
  • Leave No Trace usage guidelines molded onto back of trowel
  • Weighs 3.1 oz
  • Measures 10.3" x 2.6" x 1.0"

Product Highlights

Due to BPA concerns, GSI Outdoors has ceased to use virtually unbreakable Lexan polycarbonate in its tableware and food storage products. Rather than allowing old product and materials to end up in a landfill, GSI Outdoors has landed on the perfect solution by recycling the Lexan and unveiling the Cathole Trowel, a durable backcountry tool. Serrated edges make for easy digging even in the most stubborn soil.

GSI Outdoors is donating 1% of the sales of the Cathole Trowel to Leave No Trace, an organization dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and active stewardship of the outdoors. Leave No Trace usage guidelines are molded into the back of each Cathole Trowel.

GSI Outdoors part number: 02010

Product Reviews

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GSI Outdoors Cathole Trowel

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  • James B. Sumter SC

    Likes: Works great, lightweight. I just hang it on the outside of my pack.

    Dislikes: Nothing. No dislikes

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: It's not always something you think about needing when you go out camping, but it's definitely important. It's a strong and durable trowel, and the Leave No Trace usage guidelines are a nice touch.

    Dislikes: Nothing. I have no complaints.

  • . Macon GA

    Likes: Great build quality - like a tank. Works much better than a tent peg...

    Dislikes: A little heavy

  • Eric M. Spartanburg SC

    Likes: Wife thought it was a knife. has a lot of jagged edges. Seems light and made from recycled products. It'll work for it is designed for and maybe a few other functions.

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Rick S. Charlotte NC

    Likes: light weight and has a good edge and design for tougher dirt.

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Jim R. Muskegon MI

    Likes: This trowel is well made and appears to be sturdy enough to "take care of business". I like that it is recycled from other plastic products. I will find out about its durability next weekend when I take it on its first mission. Until then it looks 'solid'.

    Dislikes: I was kind of thinking my trowel would be transparent green like the one pictured. Mine was black. It'll perform it's duty though so that's just a minor nit pick.

  • Mark K. Hudsonville MI

    Likes: serrated edges make it much easier to cut through light roots and undergrowth when burying waste.

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Marcie C. Cottonwood AZ

    Likes: Lightweight

    Dislikes: Although it seems pretty tough, seems somewhat flimsy when trying to dig in very hard dirt.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Sturdy yet light. The serrated edge on one side is great for easier digging in different soil types. Simple and straight forward design. Important tool!

    Dislikes: If anything, it could be a little smaller overall but that's a nitpick

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Sturdy, convenient and tough. This really does the job and comes in handy for many tasks (not just catholes).

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • eric d. grand junction CO

    Likes: Great for what it does, dig holes

    Dislikes: It is light but i think they could make it lighter.

  • Stephen G. Garfield AR

    Likes: Light and durable

    Dislikes: Plastic material can not be used to shovel ashes. My next shovel will be metal.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Great pack shovel/trowel. It's lightweight and very durable.

    Dislikes: Nothing bad to say, it's great.

  • matt h. fort wayne IN

    Likes: good sturdy lightweight construction, and cheap.

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Ryan H. redding CA

    Likes: Nice little trowel, good markings and directions for proper use.

    Dislikes: All good

  • John F. Toledo OH

    Likes: I like that it is a repurposing of other products rather than adding to the landfill. The trowel is a nice reuse and that was the draw for me.

    Dislikes: Can be difficult in extremely rocky soil.

  • Jacob H. Muncie IN

    Likes: I like the LNT wording on the trowel. Lightweight.

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Allen O. Indianapolis IN

    Likes: Pretty cool that they put the surplus lexan to good use. Tool is imprinted with LNT ethics and guidelines on how to dig a cathole.

    Dislikes: Great product.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Meets all of my shovel requirements: light, one end pointy, digs holes. Also, it is a nice color and glad to see it built from a recycled/repurposed material.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

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