Granite Gear Endurance Booties (Set of 2)

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Key Features

  • Available in six sizes.
  • Textured soles.
  • High-tenacity Cordura sidewalls for durability.
  • Durastretch fleece fabric on top and tongue for comfort.
  • Velcro closures for secure fit and ease-of-use.
  • Broad reflective strip on Velcro closure for visibility.
  • Sold in pairs (front paws are usually larger than back paws).

Product Highlights

Granite Gear Endurance Booties are designed to offer dogs protection against rugged terrain and cold temperatures. Anatomically contoured to comfortably fit four-legged adventurers, Endurance Booties utilize durable materials and a simple, secure closure to provide confident performance for your outdoor-loving pet.

Textured soles provide firm purchase on rough terrain and high-tenacity Cordura sidewalls fortify Endurance Booties against brush and brambles. Durastretch fleece fabric in the top and tongue of the Endurance Booties offer comfort and protect your dog from hotspots and rubs. An easy-to-use Velcro closure keeps the booties snugly in place and sports a broad reflective strip for backcountry visibility.

NOTE: As front paws are usually larger than rear paws, Granite Gear Endurance Booties are sold in pairs rather than sets of four. Endurance Booties are available in six sizes and it is important that measurements be taken to fit your dog for the appropriate size. For proper fit, measure the width of your dog's paws at the widest point and measure the length from the tip of the toe nails to the back of the rear pad. Please see the sizing chart below for size specifications:

  • X Small - 2" Paw Width and 2.5" Paw Length
  • Small - 2.25" Paw Width and 2.75" Paw Length
  • Medium - 2.5" Paw Width and 3" Paw Length
  • Large - 2.75" Paw Width and 3.5" Paw Length
  • X Large - 3.25" Paw Width and 4" Paw Length
  • XX Large - 3.75" Paw Width and 4.75" Paw Length

Styles available: XX Large

Granite Gear part numbers: 907505