Exped Mats & Sleeping Pads

Exped MegaMat 10 Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

The self inflating Exped MegaMat 10 self inflating sleeping pad delivers luxurious camping comfort in any season. Due to 4" thick sidewalls, the MegaMat 10 has an incredible R-value or 9.5 and a temperature rating of -54 degrees Fahrenheit!

MegaMat 10

  • R-value 9.5
  • Warm and extremely comfortable
  • Rating:
  • Price: $218.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped FlatValve Adapter Sleeping Pad Accessory

Many Exped pads have integrated hand pumps, but, if you prefer to utilize your Exped Mini Pump, Pillow Pump or Schnozzel PumpBag (all sold separately) for fast and efficient inflation, the FlatValve Adapter is required to create a securely sealed connection point.

FlatValve Adapter

  • Price: $9.99
  • Out of stock.
Exped Mat Repair Kit

A comprehensive repair kit for all Exped sleeping pads, the Mat Repair Kit includes color-matched patches, glue and detailed repair instructions. The kit weighs just 0.7 ounces and comes in its own 4” x 2” x 0.5” storage bag for easy transport.

Mat Repair Kit

  • Price: $13.99
  • Out of stock.
Exped Rubber Walking Tip Trekking Pole Accessory (pair)

Sold in pairs, the Exped Rubber Walking Tip utilizes a press-fit design to fit over top of the carbide tip of Exped trekking poles, allowing you to better use your poles on hard packed trails, rock or improved surfaces.

Rubber Walking Tip

  • Price: $10.99
  • Out of stock.
Exped Summer Basket 55mm Trekking Pole Accessory (pair)

Sold in pairs, Exped's Summer Basket is suitable for use on hard surfaces or varied terrain in warm weather. These baskets keep your trekking poles from sinking deeper than needed in loose sand, mud or soft ground.

Summer Basket 55mm

  • Price: $5.99
  • Out of stock.
Exped Carbide Flextip 75mm Trekking Pole Accessory (pair)

Sold in pairs and sized to fit with Exped Summer Baskets and Snow Baskets (both sold separately), Exped Carbide Flextips replace the broken or worn tips on your Exped trekking poles. NOTE: Not compatible with Exped Clip Powder Baskets.

Carbide Flextip 75mm

  • Price: $11.99
  • Out of stock.
Exped Gemini II 3-Season Backpacking Tent

Effectively balancing weight, performance and livability, the Exped Gemini II tent is a great option for 3-season backpacking. A unique pole structure and durable construction equip the Gemini II with reliable freestanding stability.

Gemini II

  • 2-Person
  • Roomy, lightweight backpacking tent
  • Rating:
  • Price: $488.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped Gemini III Footprint

Made of water-resistant nylon, the Exped Gemini III Footprint protects the floor of your Gemini III tent (sold separately) from mud, ground water and sharp objects like rocks, exposed roots and pine needles.

Gemini III Footprint

  • Ground Cloth
  • Rating:
  • Price: $74.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped SynMat UL 9 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

The innovative Exped SynMat UL 9 inflatable sleeping pad offers FlatValve technology, ultra-lightweight construction and baffled air chambers for superior comfort and 4-season performance at less than 2 pounds!

SynMat UL 9

  • R-Value 6.0
  • Ultra-lightweight synthetic insulated pad
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $198.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped Ergo Hammock Combi (2013)

The truly one of a kind Exped Ergo Hammock Combi delivers a horizontal sleeping position that simply isn't possible in traditional hammocks. This complete shelter system includes the hammock, a bug net, rain tarp and hanging kit.

Ergo Hammock Combi (2013)

  • High-performance, all-in-one hammock system
  • Rating:
  • Price: $398.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped Lightning 45 Women's Internal Frame Backpack

With its efficient construction and weatherproof roll-top closure, the Exped Lightning 45 Women's pack offers ultra-lightweight performance for fast-and-light backpacking, day hiking or adventure racing.

Lightning 45 Women's

  • 2868 cu in
  • Ultra-lightweight thru-hiking pack/day pack
  • Price: $218.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped Torrent 40 Waterproof Pack

New for 2015! The Exped Torrent 40 provides waterproof hauling for wet weather hiking, biking, or paddling. Features include a roll-top closure for variable height adjustment, a removable top compression strap, and a double bottom for durability.

Torrent 40

  • 2440 cu in
  • Waterproof ad rugged roll top design
  • Price: $148.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped Schnozzel PumpBag

New for 2015! The versatile Schnozzel PumpBag doubles as a high-volume stuff sack and a sleeping pad (sold separately) inflation device. Waterproof fabrication and a sealed roll-top closure fully protect the contents of the bag.

Schnozzel PumpBag

  • 6.2 oz
  • High volume pump bag for Exped's biggest mats
  • Price: $38.99
  • Out of stock.
Exped DownMat WinterLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad

New for 2015! Weighing just over a pound and delivering an incredibly warm R-value of 8.0, the inflatable Exped DownMat WinterLite redefines the expectations of backpackers who are used to having to make some compromise between weight and warmth.

DownMat WinterLite

  • R-Value 8.0
  • Down insulated
  • Starting at: $208.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped SynMat HyperLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad

New for 2015! Weighing less than a pound and packing down small, the inflatable, insulated Exped SynMat HyperLite sleeping pad is a warm (R-value of 3.1), incredibly lightweight option for 3-season backpacking, camping, or mountaineering.

SynMat HyperLite

  • R-Value 3.1
  • Ultra-light insulated pad
  • Starting at: $168.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped SynMat WinterLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad

New for 2015! Balancing warmth, weight, and price, the inflatable Exped SynMat WinterLite employs synthetic insulation to achieve a 4-season worthy R-value of 6.0 that makes it an ideal option for year-round backpackers, campers, and alpinists.

SynMat WinterLite

  • R-Value 6.0
  • Lightweight 4-season pad
  • Starting at: $188.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

New for 2015! The self-inflating Exped MegaMat Duo 10 sleeping pad provides couples with plush comfort and a warm R-value of 9.5. Measuring 77.5" x 52" x 4", the mattress is ready for use at the campground, in an RV, or even as a portable guest bed.

MegaMat Duo 10

  • R-Value 9.5
  • Double-wide pad for couples
  • Price: $348.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Exped Universal Coupler Kit Sleeping Pad Accessory

Consisting of two adjustable webbing-and-Velcro straps, the Exped Universal Coupler Kit securely holds any two mattresses (up to 30” wide) side-by-side for an expansive sleeping base. An integrated stuff sack conveniently stows the kit when not in use.

Universal Coupler Kit

  • Keeps two pads side-by-side
  • Price: $19.99
  • Out of stock.
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Based in Europe, Exped builds innovative, rugged expedition equipment, including sleeping pads, tents and sleeping bags. Exped applies a unique approach to gear construction, consistently unveiling new and ground-breaking product.

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