Exped SynMat UL 7 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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  • Exped SynMat UL 7 Inflatable Sleeping Pad
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Key Features

  • Ultralight construction
  • 15 denier fabric
  • R-value: 3.1
  • Microfiber insulation bonded to top and bottom of air chambers, ensuring maximum loft
  • Baffles separating the air chambers eliminate cold spots
  • Exped's proprietary lamination process - air tight and hydrolysis proof
  • FlatValve technology
  • Mouth inflation or use with Exped pump accessories: Pillow Pump, Mini Pump or Schnozzel and Exped Shrink Bag
  • 2-year warranty


Recommended Use: 3-Season Backpacking
Item Weight: Small: 15.2 oz
Medium: 16.2 oz
Long/Wide: 21.1 oz
Dimensions: Small: 64" x 21" x 2.8"
Medium: 72" x 21" x 2.8"
Long/Wide: 77.5" x 26" x 2.8"
R-Value: 3.1
Type: Infaltable Sleeping Pad
Other: Stuff Sack and Pad Repair Kit Included
Warranty: 2-Year Limited

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Product Highlights

The innovative Exped SynMat UL 7 sleeping pad offers flat valve technology, ultralight construction and baffled air chambers for superior comfort and 3-season performance at less than 2 pounds!

The SynMat UL 7 employs baffled air chambers to provide 2.8 inches of comfortable support. High-performance laminated polyester fabric is air tight and slip proof and offers both UV and abrasion resistance. A layer of microfiber insulation is laminated to the bottom and top of each baffled air chamber. The combined thickness of the SynMat 7 UL and the insulation lend the pad an R-value of 3.1, making it far warmer than most comparable inflatable sleeping pads.

Glues used in sleeping pad construction are often broken down by moisture but Exped's proprietary, fabric lamination process creates air tight baffles and prevents moisture build up in the pad from destroying these glues, resulting in no loss of air over time. Another stand out feature of the SynMat UL 7 is flat valve construction. Separate valves for inflation and deflation offer a high volume of air flow in and out of the pad making inflating and deflating the pad fast and easy. Many inflatable sleeping pads fail due to their valve construction but Exped's Flat valve technology eliminates the stiff edge commonly found around traditional valves. This results in lasting, durable valve construction for the life of the pad.

Each Exped SynMat UL 7 can be inflated by mouth or with Exped pump accessories such as the Exped Pillow Pump or Exped Schnozzel (both sold separately). Why fuss with blowing up the pad manually when you can let the pump do the work for you? Adding additional value, each SynMat UL 7 includes its own stuff sack and field repair kit.

The Exped SynMat UL 7 is available in Small (64" x 21") and Medium (72" x 21") lengths.

Sizes available: Long/Wide, Medium, Medium/Wide, Small

Exped part numbers: 32205397, 32205294, EXPA1201M-Medium/Wide, 32205290

Product Reviews

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Exped SynMat UL 7 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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  • Rick S. Jenkins Twp PA

    Likes: Light Weight, Packable, Comfortable

    Dislikes: Nothing!

  • . Los Osos CA

    Likes: I returned the BA QCore I originally bought and got the Exped UL-7. The BA was WAY too narrow, only 18" inflated and my arms were on the ground. I'm 6'0", 180# and I chose the I have never slept so well on a backpacking trip as I did on my new Exped. I like how it comes with a repair kit too. It wasn't noisy or slippery at all, as some other reviews I read stated. I highly recommend this pad.

    Dislikes: No dislikes, but I do have a couple recommendations:

    -Leave the deflate valve open when you pack it up. If you don't, and you go to a higher altitude, the trapped air will expand making it more difficult to get it ou of the stuff sack.

    -Buy the pillow pump! Makes it a snap to inflate, plus it's actually a very comfy pillow.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: I bought this product after buying and returning an ultralight pad made by another manufacturer -- so I'm kind of picky. I bought the LW verson of this pad, which is definitely what I need for my 6 foot 4 inch, 210 pound body. It takes some effort to blow up (although the Exped pillow pump that I bought to go with it makes it easier), but once you've got it blown up it is very comfortable. I love the small size and weight. I have a 5 year old daughter that I take on short backpacking trips. Because I have to carry some of her gear, this pad was an excellent addition to my collection.

    Dislikes: The only thing that is mildly annoying about this pad, and is the main reason why I give it only 4 stars, is the fact that it can be somewhat challenging to get all of the air out of it and rolled up small enough to fit back into its stuff sack. I would recommend that Exped made the stuff sack a little bigger.

  • Grant A. Fernley NV

    Likes: I only have used this product a couple of times and my initial thoughts are that it will work for me. I am a hunter and do not use trails or designated camp sites. I was worried at first that the light weight material would not hold up to my demands but after last weekend's desert sheep scouting trip I think it will work out.
    First night out, I was running out of daylight and had to set up camp on sloping ground near a creek full of roses and sage brush. I was able to clear off a spot the size of the pad and was worried it would not hold air the night. Long story made short I managed to stay on the pad after a couple of mid night adjustments and it held air despite the pad sliding down hill

    Dislikes: So far the only negative I found was the amount of time it takes to fold up and hit the trail. I am used to folding a foam pad up and hitting the trail but with this on it takes a little time deflating while folding it up.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: I love the separate, one way fill / empty valves. When I'm tired I don't want to think about stopping the air I just blew in from coming right back out. Very comfy and quiet. I'm 5'10" 190lbs and a side sleeper. I tend to pull my knees up a little when sleeping so I get by with the short version just fine.

    Actual weight of mine is 414 grams in the stuff sack + 10 grams for repair kit in its ziplock.

    Dislikes: With the sale price, nothing to dislike for me.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: I'm a chill-cat, so I wanted the higher R value without the extra weight, this fits the bill. It is easy to inflate (even after a long day on the trail), and thick enough that I didn't feel the ground at all. Deflating and stowing was a snap.

    Dislikes: With all the bells & whistles, it's still an air mattress, and sleeps like one.

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