Exped DownMat UL 7 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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Key Features

  • 700 fill goose down insulated
  • R-value 5.9
  • 20 denier fabric for weight/bulk reduction
  • Comes with Schnozzel Pumpbag for quick inflation
  • I-beam baffles
  • Proprietary lamination process is air-tight and hydrolysis-proof


Recommended Use: Year-Round Ultra-Lightweight Backpacking and Mountaineering
Item Weight: XSmall: 14.8 oz
Small: 18.7 oz
Medium: 20.5 oz
Long/Wide: 26.5 oz
Dimensions: XSmall: 20" x 47" x 2.8"
Small: 20" x 64" x 2.8"
Medium: 20" x 72" x 2.8"
Long/Wide: 26" x 77.5" x 2.8"
R-Value: 5.9
Type: Inflatable Sleeping Pad
Packed Size: XSmall: 9 x 3.5"
Small: 9 x 4"
Medium: 9 x 4.3"
Long/Wide: 10.6 x 4"
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Highlights

An amazing combination of warmth and lightweight packability, the Exped DownMat UL 7 inflatable sleeping pad allows even ounce-counting backpackers to enjoy confident comfort in all 4-seasons. High-performance 750+ goose down insulation provides the DownMat UL 7 with a warm R-value of 5.9.

The DownMat UL 7 employs separated air chambers to provide 2.8 inches of comfortable support. Top-of-the-line laminated polyester fabric is air tight, slip proof and offers both UV and abrasion resistance. A layer of goose down insulation laminated to the bottom and top of each baffled air chamber eliminates cold spots. Exped uses only IDFL-certified goose down that is specially treated to eliminate the negative effects of humidity. Lightweight horizontal foam blocks at either end of the pad prevent down from escaping or migrating between chambers. A year round-worthy R-value of 5.9 makes the pad suitable for winter use and snow camping.

Glues used in sleeping pad construction are often broken down by moisture but Exped's proprietary fabric lamination process creates air tight baffles and prevents moisture build up in the pad from destroying these glues, resulting in no loss of air over time. Another stand out feature of the DownMat UL 7 is Exped's flat valve construction. Separate valves for inflation and deflation offer a high volume of air flow in and out of the pad making inflating and deflating the pad fast and easy. Many inflatable sleeping pads fail due to their valve construction but the DownMat UL 7's flat valves eliminate the stiff edge commonly found around traditional valves. This results in lasting, durable valve construction for the life of the pad.

Adding greater functionality and enhancing the pad's longevity, an included Schnozzel Pumpbag tackles inflation without introducing any potentially destructive moisture into the interior. This also saves you from the task of manually blowing air into the pad. The pumpbag doubles as a stuff sack and a field repair kit is included for emergency purposes.

The Exped DownMat UL 7 is available in XSmall (47" x 20") Small (64" x 20"), Medium (72" x 20") and Long/Wide (77.5" x 26") lengths.

Sizes available: Medium, Small, XSmall

Exped part numbers: 32205369, 32205367, 32205365

Product Reviews

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Exped DownMat UL 7 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: light and compact

    Dislikes: -

  • Joseph S. Dacono CO

    Likes: Super light and comfy for the size. I'm 5'10", w/ a slightly stocky build, but found that on regularly sized mats I had to sleep with my arms crossed or they would fall off the side of the mat. Did tons of research trying to find the warmest mat that didn't weigh too much at the size where I didn't have to worry about my arms falling off the mat. This was the only mat to meet all the criteria. (No thermarest xTreme. Too noisy!) If you are the guy with a build that isn't meant for skinny jeans (which apparently most camping gear's "regular" size is made to fit) and you don't want to be carrying around 3+ lbs of sleeping mat (this one is -2 lbs w/LW size), this is the one for you.

    Dislikes: After the first week long trip, I noticed some oil marks on pad where my dirty greasy head & arms had been. Washed with a soapy rag when I got home a few times & you can hardly tell now. Solution use an extra shirt or bring a pillowcase and pull it over the top of your pad to protect from your grim, or make sure to give your exposed skin a "spit bath" before you go to sleep. Mummy baggers don't need to worry about this obviously, but I'm a quilt bagger :) I don't really fault the mat for this very small issue. You should be wiping down your stuff at the end of each trip anyway.


    Likes: Absolutely love this pad. The weight is very light. After you deflate it, the pad is like a down jacket, pretty thick even without air.

    It is very warm. Definitely better than my old Big Agnes Dual Core.

    Dislikes: I cannot really think of anything I dislike. Maybe it looks not that durable. But it needs time to see. Also it is ultralight, it is expected to be less durable.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: When properly inflated, the pad is very comfortable and warm to sleep on.

    Dislikes: The pad partially deflated after several hours in a room at constant temperature. It could have just been a faulty unit. Also, while the inflation bag is innovative and clever, it requires some room at the front of the pad to work the inflation process. As a result, it was impossible to inflate the pad within my single man tent (copper spur ul1). The pad has to be inflated outside the tent. This could be problematic in the rain given the fact that the insulating material is down, plus who wants to get their pad wet and then put it into the tent?

    Overall, I found the pad unwieldy and the loss of pressure worrisome. I returned this pad and purchased a Thermarest prolite instead.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Lightweight compared to the R-value. I have not tried this yet in the winder time, but, the touch feel and R-value to weight ratio is good.

    Dislikes: Concerned about durability.

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