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Granite Gear Endurance Booties (Set of 2)

Granite Gear Endurance Booties are designed to offer dogs protection against rugged terrain and cold temperatures. Anatomically contoured to fit four-legged adventurers, Endurance Booties provide confident performance for your outdoor-loving pet.

Granite Gear
Endurance Booties (Set of 2)

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Price: $20.94
Granite Gear Long Howl Dog Backpack

Built for hikers and dogs who log serious trail miles together, the Granite Gear Long Howl is a large-capacity, feature-rich dog pack. The Long Howl is anatomically designed to fit comfortably without interfering with your dog's stride.

Granite Gear
Long Howl

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Price: $114.94
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Granite Gear dog packs are designed to allow your dog to carry the essentials and more on your hiking trips. Since 1986, Granite Gear has provided lightweight, high-quality packs and gear to keep your dog happy on the trail.

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