Deuter Kid Comfort II (Old Style) Child Carrier

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  • Deuter Kid Comfort II (Old Style) Child Carrier
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Key Features

  • Vari-Quick harness system.
  • Padded Aircontact foam back panel.
  • Easily adjustable 5-point child harness system.
  • Height adjustable seat.
  • Padded headrest.
  • Padded waistbelt with zippered valuables pocket.
  • 1000 cubic inch storage capacity.
  • Carrying capacity of 48.5 lb., including child and gear.
  • Sun and rain roof compatible.
  • Internal valuables pocket.
  • Large external shove-it pocket.
  • Dual lifting points.
  • 3M reflector for high visibility.
  • Twin side elastic mesh pockets.
  • Hydration system compatible.
  • Foldout stand.
  • Includes a stuffed teddy bear.


Recommended Use: Extended Length Walking and Hiking
Item Weight: 6 lb. 1 oz.
Dimensions: 26" x 15" x 13"
Type: Hinged Aluminum Frame w/Ventilated Foam Back Panel
Volume: 1000 cu. in.
Material: Microrip/Hexlite 210
Frame Material: Aluminum
Fits Torso: 14"-21"
Hydration Compatible: Yes
Access: Front Loading
Maximum Weight: 48.5 lb.
Detachable Daypack: No
Load Lifters: Yes
Sternum Strap: Yes; Adjustable position
Torso Adjustment: Yes
Child Harness: 5-Point Safety Harness
Warranty: Lifetime

Product Highlights

Deuter's best-selling and most popular child carrier, the Deuter Kid Comfort II, is equipped with an improved swiveling waistbelt and boasts a sleek new look. A new elastic back shove-it pocket adds a storage and organizational option. The safety features and German engineering of the Kid Comfort II will ensure an enjoyable adventure for you and your child. The Kid Comfort II is suitable for children who can sit up by themselves.

The Kid Comfort II offers the firm support you need for longer-duration hiking, but is also a bit more compact than other carriers in this category. A redesign of the integrated folding "legs" of the Kid Comfort II makes the carrier even sturdier when standing on its own while still conveniently collapsing to maintain a sleek and maneuverable profile when placed on your back.

With a sensible child seat, adjustable in height to accommodate a growing child, and two large zippered pockets offering 1000 cubic inches of storage, the Kid Comfort II has a carrying capacity of up to 48.5 lbs., including child, pack and gear. A 5-point safety harness offers maximum safety and practicability, allowing for easy handling and adjustment. An elastic back storage pocket provides an additional stash location for clothing, diapers and gear.

The Kid Comfort II utilizes Deuter's Vari-Quick harness system to accommodate varying torso lengths. A strongly-woven strap "ladder" in the back of the pack allows you to select the desired position for optimal comfort and load distribution. The Kid Comfort II relies on the compression and expansion of Aircontact foam to provide ventilation and further enhance load-carrying comfort. Soft, breathable fabrics and ventilated pads in the back, shoulder straps and waistbelt help to keep you cool and comfortable on your adventures. The waistbelt has been redesigned to swivel as you walk, providing optimal weight distribution, enhancing balance and helping to maintain comfort regardless of the weight that you are carrying. Load-lifter straps, and shoulder and lumbar padding aid in the distribution of weight, providing further stability and comfort.

The Kid Comfort II includes a padded headrest for your child, an internal valuables pocket, dual lifting points, side elastic mesh pockets for transporting water or baby bottles and a 3M reflector for high visibility. A small zippered pocket on the waistbelt provides an additional storage space for valuables. A zippered side-access pocket makes the Kid Comfort II hydration compatible. Deuter's Sun Roof/Rain Cover (sold separately) can be attached to the Kid Comfort II to protect your child from the elements.

Made of 600D ripstop nylon polyester thread with a thick polyurethane coating, the Kid Comfort II even includes a small stuffed teddy bear.

Colors available: Cranberry

Deuter part numbers: 36517-536

Product Reviews

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Deuter Kid Comfort II (Old Style) Child Carrier

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  • Jessica S. Spring Grove MN

    Likes: I am very impressed by this pack, so much so that I will be purchasing a new Deuter backpack to replace my perfectly good "other brand" frame backpacking pack (when my son is no longer riding)! This kid carrier is so well put together, with so many nice details - worth EVERY penny!

    I did an ample amount of research prior to purchasing this pack, both reading reviews and doing a strong product comparison. I am so glad I decided on Deuter.

    This pack is very well made, and very easy to use. I can easily use this without the aid of my husband. My son enjoys being in it, and after an hour or so falls asleep! I purchased a rain/sun cover, which works great too.

    Dislikes: I can not find any negetives with this product. I have read other reviews of users disliking the separate sun/rain shade/cover. So far, I have not found it to be a problem. Yes, it is large, but easily fastens into the pack, and is really nice when you need it! I have read that the next generation packs after 2010 have a more compact shade. I found it to be A-oK with the one I bought, although, having to purchase it separately was a bit of a pain - had to go to an outdoor store and buy one because there were none available on this site.

  • Joshua M. Birmingham AL

    Likes: My 14 month old daughter loves it! The wide seat seems really comfortable to me, and it easily adjusts high enough that she can see everything that's going on. The storage pouch under the seat is excellent too, perfect for carrying groceries back from the store or for stuffing jackets/diapers/etc. into while jostling through an airport. Overall it carries well and I even occasionally have have a half-second pang of fear when I forget she's on my back and wonder where she is. The build quality is great, and everything feels very sturdy. Def. going to be using this for years to come.

    Dislikes: The zipper on the bottom pouch is a little hard to operate, and the straps are almost too small for my 6 foot, 250 pound frame. If I bucked up and lost some weight though, they'd be fine. No other issues.

  • Scott C. Birmingham AL

    Likes: Love it! Fits Great! Light Weight! Kids more comfortable too! I had previously bought a cheaper kids pack last year and the belt support busted after a long weekend trip. This Kid Comfort II is much more comfortable for me and my two toddlers and the build quality is exceptional. I'll be buying one more now for my 2nd toddler to replace that cheaper pack that broke.

    Dislikes: Nothing to dislike.

  • Adriane R. Cleveland Heights OH

    Likes: I chose this pack because it is one of the few child carriers with built in hydration. It is also a smaller size than similar (kelty) carriers. Also important to me was the manual kickstand, which I actually prefer to Kelty's "auto deploy" version. I like the variety and configuration of the storage space. The child has a wide, flat seat (not like a wide strap as in the Kelty models). The hipbelt system is very comfortable and the waistbelt storage pocket is big enough for cell phone, kleenex, chapstick, money.
    The child straps are thinner than in kelty models, and I think this might make for a cooler ride (for the baby) in hot climates.

    Dislikes: The child's legs have to spread out at a wide angle - I wonder if this would be comfortable on long hikes.
    I had a difficult time finding an adjustment that would suit me. I am a small person (5'1") with a long torso. The shoulder straps either dug into my neck or pulled my shoulders apart because they were so wide and stiff. The sternum strap did not adjust high enough for me. After walking around the house for 30 minutes with books in the pack, my back hurt. I still have not found the proper adjustment, but my husband thought it was perfect right out of the box.
    In the child cockpit, even the smallest settings seemed a bit loose for my daughter, who is 10 months and 18 lbs.

  • Tim M. East Earl PA

    Likes: Great pack. Very comfortable. I have about 20 hours of time with our 11 month old in the pack and both he and I love the pack. Small enough to be highly manoverable yet does not sacrifice features or comfort. Highly adjustable, and plenty of cargo space. The pack is also very stable when our child moves around.

    Dislikes: Nothing, love the pack.

  • Kristin D. Broussard LA

    Likes: This is a great backpack with everything we needed. It looks good and it's comfortable for mom, dad, and baby. I did quite a bit of research before buying and am very happy with the purchase. There's enough storage space for diapers, food, clothes, and toys if you need, but the bacpack doesn't feel bulky. Kid gets in and out very easy. I am 5'2 and slim, and it fits very comfortably. When baby falls asleep, his head does fall to the side as some other reviews have said, but we just put something there to prop up his head. I would rather do this than have him so tight and confined in something that he can't move at all and get all sweaty when it's hot out.

    Dislikes: Nothing so far

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: comfortable, not too bulky, my son loves to be looking down on his surroundings

    Dislikes: VERY squeaky. my son's head always squishes off to the side in between the face rest and where the side tightens when he falls asleep.

  • Rebekah B. Holland MI

    Likes: The Deuter Kid Comfort II fits my husband (6ft 3in, 187lbs) and adjusts so I (5ft 4in 112lbs) can carry our 16 months and 27lbs child comfortably. It is easy to put on and easy to adjust. If you are use to backpacking the weight distribution areas feel about the same. The straps are nice and wide. It is light and sturdy at the same time. There was plenty of pockets/storage places to carry water and diapers. We went on an 8 mile hike up mountains in Virginia to a waterfall-it worked good.

    Dislikes: The little strap across the chest didn't fit me quite right, but it fit my husband fine.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Super comfy for adult and child. Made well. Easy to get the child in and out.

    Dislikes: The sun/rain cover is not included.

  • JULIE L. San Diego CA

    Likes: After trying out a Sherpani Superlight, a Tough Traveler Stallion, and a Deuter III this is the one I kept for myself and my 8 month old. Loved Sherpani but this model did not have a retractable kickstand but really a nice pack otherwise. The TT felt 'tinny' and somewhat outdated and had a warehouse 'musty' odor I could not live with. The Deuter III would have been the top choice as it is the cadillac of carriers but for my 5'7 125 frame it was tall and big plus I'm not hitting the hiking/camping trails enough to justify this beauty, so if you are...get it! I stuck with the Deuter II which is Perfect for my build and my needs!

    Dislikes: There is nothing I didn't like!

  • Jed F. Spring TX

    Likes: I was reading in Backpacker Magazine and someone wrote a letter asking them what the best Child Carrier was and they recommended this pack. That's why I got it.

    It is very comfortable for me and my 12mo old son. It's very adjustable. Has a good amount of storage space. It easily adjusts for my wife to use it too. It has a lot of pockets to put his sippy cup for quick access. My son loves it. He loves to look around, and he gets the biggest kick out of pulling my hair and ears. I recommend getting the sun/rain cover for it. It's a must need if you are hiking in the mountains.

    It's very safe too.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

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