Crescent Moon Rocket Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Snowshoes (Pair)

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Key Features

  • Sold in pairs
  • Teardrop shape frame for a natural stride and optimal flotation
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon composite frame
  • 3 aluminum crampon system featuring the intuitive toe claw design
  • Race binding
  • Accommodates different types of footwear


Recommended Use: Winter Racing and Running
Item Weight: 2.84 lbs/pair
Dimensions: 8" x 25"
Type: Running/Racing Snowshoes (Pair)
Capacity: up to 200 lbs
Warranty: Lifetime

Product Highlights

With its ultra-lightweight construction, the Crescent Moon Rocket Carbon Nanotube (CNT) snowshoe is ideal for racing and running. Weighing just 2.84 lbs, this "race approved" shoe offers fast-and-efficient performance on snow and ice!

The Rocket CNT snowshoe features a lightweight "race binding" that provides excellent ankle and foot support. Adjustment of the binding straps is performed with a simple pull on the single adjustment loop. The binding has adjustability to accommodate running shoes or lightweight boots.

To ensure optimal flotation, the Rocket CNT snowshoe is balanced to distribute your body weight across the entire shoe. This design also makes them easier to pull out of the snow, so you don't have to work as hard to run, hike or climb. The modified teardrop shaped platform is based on the shape of your foot, wide at the ball and narrow at the heel. Instead of forcing you to waddle, the ergonomic design helps your feet clear away from each other with every step, ensuring a smooth, natural stride and allowing you to concentrate on your workout or race.

The frame of the Rocket CNT snowshoe is made from molded, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and carbon nanotube composite. Nanotube technology makes the composite material stronger, lighter, and more abrasion resistant than carbon fiber alone. The carbon nanotube composite material is engineered to be stronger than steel but at a significantly lesser weight. Ultra-durable, lightweight midfoot and heel decking provides optimal flotation. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and textured for additional traction and performance.

The Rocket CNT snowshoe employs Crescent Moon's three-claw crampon traction system, providing optimal grip. Inherently better than standard two-crampon systems, the three-claw system features a genuine toe claw. As you run, you use your whole foot, shifting your weight for balance and traction with each step. The lightweight aluminum teeth and claws dig in not only at the heel and ball of your foot, but also at the toe, giving you complete control.

Sold in pairs, the Crescent Moon Rocket Carbon Nanotube (CNT) snowshoe is recommended for runners of all shapes and sizes. NOTE: Those racers looking for an ultra-lightweight option that takes advantage of your preferred running footwear should contact Crescent Moon directly for a "direct-mount" version of the Rocket CNT.

Crescent Moon part number: GK1