Vargo Titanium Cookware and Utensils

Vargo Stainless Steel BOT Backpacking Bottle/Pot

The Vargo Stainless Steel BOT is an innovative, lightweight offering for backpackers. A watertight, heat-resistant O-ring enables the Stainless Steel BOT to function as a leakproof water bottle and a cooking pot!

Stainless Steel BOT

  • 8.4 oz
  • Unique stainless steel pot/water bottle combo
  • Price: $39.95
Vargo Stainless Steel Scork Backpacking Utensil

Made of lightweight, durable stainless steel, the versatile Vargo Stainless Steel Scork weighs less than an ounce and serves double duty as a backcountry utensil and a can opener!

Stainless Steel Scork

  • 0.9 oz
  • Three-in-one spoon, fork, can opener
  • Price: $7.95
  • Out of stock.
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Vargo ultra-lightweight non-stick titanium pots are designed for strength and durability during your backpacking trips. The Vargo Ti-Lite Non-Stick Titanium Pot is a durable addition to your backcountry cook system.

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