Coghlan's Four Function Whistle for Kids

Combining a whistle, thermometer, magnifier and a compass into a single integrated tool, Coghlan's Four Function Whistle for Kids equips young adventurers with everything they need to explore the outdoors! Attaches with a spring-loaded clip.

Four Function Whistle for Kids

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  • Price: $4.95
Coghlan's Fire Sticks Fire Starter

Coghlan's Fire Sticks start fires quickly and safely. Ideal for backpackers, Fire Sticks light even after being submerged in water. 12 sticks per pack.

Fire Sticks

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  • Price: $2.89
Coghlan's Fire Lighters Fire Starter

Coghlan's Fire Lighters don't require matches. Simply strike the Fire Lighter on the side of the box to light. 20 per pack.

Fire Lighters

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  • Price: $4.49
Coghlan's Bug-Eye Headlight for Kids LED Headlamp

The Coghlan's Bug-Eye Headlight for Kids delivers performance lighting for young adventurers. Perfect for camping, hiking or general backyard outings, the headlamp has a bright white LED bulb, an adjustable headband and an easy-to-use on/off button.

Bug-Eye Headlight for Kids

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  • Price: $9.89
Coghlan's Mosquito Head Net Bug Protection

Coghlan's Mosquito Head Net provides hands-free relief from insect predators. Designed to fit comfortably over most headwear, the Mosquito Head Net utilizes a fine mesh and an elastic fitted neck to keep bugs at bay without hindering your vision.

Mosquito Head Net

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  • Price: $2.59
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