Coghlan's Fire Lighters Fire Starter

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Key Features

  • Leaves no odor
  • Burns completely
  • Strike on box

Product Highlights

Coghlan's Fire Lighters require no matches and no kindling. Fire lighters make lighting a fire quick, easy and clean. Each stick burns approximately 7 minutes. 20 sticks per package.

Coghlan's part number: 159008

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Coghlan's Fire Lighters Fire Starter

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  • Marcella P. San Luis Obispo CA

    Likes: They work REALLY well- even had success in rain. They burn a long time- plenty of time to start from kindling (if relatively dry).

    Dislikes: It comes in a stick matchbox style with the strike on the edge just like a matchbox. For all it's benefits, it does you NO good if the strike is wet- so you can't stand in a bit of rain and lite a fire without ensuring the box itself is dry. Should come in a plastic or rubber container with the strike inside the lid.

  • David R. West Plains MO

    Likes: Easy to start and maintain fire. Highly recommend.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Patrick L. Dalton GA

    Likes: Lights very easily and burns for an acceptable amount of time to get a fire started.

    Dislikes: Not sure that it burns as long as the pack states, but it doesn't really need to burn more than 20 minutes.

  • Denise H. Newark OH

    Likes: THESE are GREAT!! - we are wood burning folks... for years - decided to go for a little convenience and get these... my husband an 'ol die hard... loves them... I especially do as I hate sitting there blowing on the fire to start it, etc.... These start right off without a problem at all!! We even have used chunks off a duralog many a times and this does a lot better....

    Dislikes: Wished there were more sticks in a package... more-so think they could be half the thickness and still work fine.

  • Robert M G. Birmingham AL

    Likes: I’ve used these around the house, or backyard mainly. The lighting head works great making a good amount of fire to start the stick with; they burn long enough to get any fire started. They come in two pre perforated blocks and I had a little trouble separating without cutting with a knife and some of the heads came off when striking. As you have to strike them on the box I prefer the Coghlan’s Fire Sticks. They are much lighter as I can carry just a few for short trips. In my opinion these are better for the Bar B Que than backpacking.

    Dislikes: You need to carry the box to strike on.

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