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Black Diamond

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Solo  Walking Staff

Weighing just 9 ounces and collapsing to a mere 23 inches in length, the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Solo is an ultra-lightweight staff. The versatile staff can even double as a tent pole for a lightweight tarp.

Black Diamond
Alpine Carbon Solo

  • 8.9 oz
  • Ultra-lightweight,collapsible staff
  • Price: $89.94
  • Free shipping plus free returns
Black Diamond Dirt Bag Glove (Pair)

Warm, water-resistant and durable, the leather-shelled Black Diamond Dirt Bag Glove just plain works hard with a minimalist design not unlike your favorite work glove.

Black Diamond
Dirt Bag Glove

  • Leather glove with fleece lining
  • Price: $39.95
Black Diamond Women's Ruby Mitt (Pair)

New for 2014! Built for snow sports and designed specifically for women, the waterproof/breathable Black Diamond Women's Ruby Mitt has Thinsulate insulation and a lightweight, abrasion-resistant Pertex Shield shell with 4-way stretch.

Black Diamond
Women's Ruby Mitt

  • BDry insert
  • Waterproof, quilted insulated mitt
  • Price: $89.95
  • Free shipping plus free returns
Black Diamond WindWeight Glove (2014) (Pair)

Updated for 2014! A classic design from Black Diamond, the Windweight Glove is an extremely versatile and soft cool-weather work glove. Polartec Windbloc fleece provides high wind-resistance and offers good breathability during fast paced activities.

Black Diamond
WindWeight Glove (2014)

  • Polartec Windbloc
  • Touchscreen-friendly fleece glove
  • Price: $49.95
Black Diamond WoolWeight Glove (2014) (Pair)

Updated for 2014! Constructed from a combination of wool and Polartec Thermal Pro, the Black Diamond Woolweight Glove is a lightweight liner glove that offers great breathability and warmth.

Black Diamond
WoolWeight Glove (2014)

  • Polartec Thermal Pro/wool liner glove
  • Price: $44.95
Black Diamond Col Beanie

New for 2014! A streamlined beanie with a wicking liner, the classic-style Black Diamond Col Beanie is ideal for any cold weather activity from backcountry skiing to general around-town wear.

Black Diamond
Col Beanie

  • Beanie with wicking liner
  • Price: $24.95
Black Diamond Susannah Beanie

New for 2014! Constructed of extremely soft 100% acrylic, the Black Diamond Susannah Beanie keeps your head warm in lacey-look style during lower-impact cold weather activities or wear around town. The close-fitting design can easily fit under a hood.

Black Diamond
Susannah Beanie

  • Soft and stylish beanie
  • Price: $38.95
Black Diamond Trail Back (2014) Trekking Poles (Pair)

Updated for 2014! A no-frills offering for the frugal hiker who can do without bells and whistles but demands reliable performance, Black Diamond Trail Back poles offer three-section adjustability and external locking mechanisms at an affordable price.

Black Diamond
Trail Back (2014)

  • 20.0 oz/pair
  • No-frills, 3-section poles
  • Price: $79.95
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Black Diamond Apollo LED Lantern

Powerful enough for family camping trips or base camping, the innovative Black Diamond Apollo lantern is so compact and lightweight, that you can also throw it in your pack for your next backcountry adventure. Your choice of colors.

Black Diamond

  • 7.8 oz w/o batteries
  • 3-Watt backpacking/camping lantern
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $49.94
  • Out of stock.
Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Trekking Poles (Pair)

With ergonomic grips, innovative locking mechanisms, and rugged aluminum construction, Black Diamond Contour Elliptic trekking poles provide maximum durability for reliable year-round performance.

Black Diamond
Contour Elliptic

  • 20 oz/pair
  • Elliptic performance at a budget-friendly price
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $129.94
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Black Diamond Bbee Day Pack

Sleek, stylish and functional, the Black Diamond Bbee is at home at the crag, on the trail or in urban settings. Its compact, minimalist profile makes it ideal for active pursuits and around town use.

Black Diamond

  • 690 cu in
  • Compact, minimalist daypack
  • Price: $49.94
  • Out of stock.
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Begun as Chouinard Equipment over 50 years ago, Black Diamond has always been at home on demanding rock walls and on the highest mountain peaks. Applying the same quality and innovation that has made them a stand-out performer in the climbing world, Black Diamond manufactures rugged, functional tents, trekking poles and headlamps.

Backcountry Edge is proud to be an authorized Black Diamond dealer.

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