Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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  • Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL Inflatable Sleeping Pad
  • Rectangular
  • Mummy

Key Features

  • Inflatable design
  • Super-lightweight nylon rip-stop top and bottom
  • Internal heat-reflective PU coating
  • X-Static synthetic insulation
  • Durable inflation valve
  • Alternating I-beam construction
  • Each pad individually inflated and tested
  • Stuff sack and repair kit included
  • Always store pad unrolled with the valve open


Recommended Use: Ultra-Lightweight 3+ Season Backpacking
Item Weight: Petite: 16 oz
Regular: 17 oz
Long: 19 oz
Wide Long: 23 oz
Regular Mummy: 16 oz
Long Mummy: 17 oz
Dimensions: Petite: 20" x 66" x 3.5"
Regular and Regular Mummy: 20" x 72" x 3.5"
Long and Long Mummy: 20" x 78" x 3.5"
Wide Long: 25" x 78" x 3.5"
R-Value: 4.5
Type: Inflatable Sleeping Pad
Packed Size: Petite: 3.5" x 8.5"
Regular: 3.5" x 9"
Long: 3.5" x 9.5"
Wide Long: 4.5" x 10"
Regular Mummy: 3" x 9"
Long Mummy: 3.5" x 10"
Other: Stuff Sack and Repair Kit Included
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Highlights

Utilizing a unique "quilted" design, the compact and ultra-lightweight Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL inflatable sleeping pad combines warmth (R-value of 4.5) and comfort for year-round backpacking. An internal layer of synthetic insulation bolsters the Insulated Q-Core SL's thermal efficiency.

The Insulated Q-Core SL's super-lightweight nylon rip-stop top and bottom have internal polyurethane coatings for waterproof protection. The alternating I-beam construction provides a smooth, comfortable feel and a full 3.5" of thickness. The construction and plastic valve allow the Insulated Q-Core SL pad to reach full inflation more quickly and easily than standard inflatable pads.

Available in rectangular or mummy shapes and a variety of sizes, each Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL inflatable sleeping pad includes a stuff sack and a repair kit. NOTE: Always store the pad unrolled with the valve open.

Styles available: Long, Long Mummy, Petite, Regular, Regular Mummy, Wide Long

Big Agnes part numbers: PQCSLL13, PQCSLML13, PQCSLP13, PQCSLR13, PQCSLMR13, PQCSLWL13

Product Reviews

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Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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  • . Phoenix AZ

    Likes: Most comfortable pad at the time of purchase, packs very small.

    Dislikes: , texture of the material (slippery)

  • . Potomac MD

    Likes: bought it together with the sleeping bag as a "recommended" pad. It is not heavy, but ...

    Dislikes: it does not provide necessary support even for my modest (but bony) 185 lb frame. And the combination of sleeping bag + pad does NOT stand to the zero F degree rating.

  • . Honeoye Falls NY

    Likes: This product is amazingly light and compact. The sleeping pad is very comfortable and warm. Only takes a couple minutes to inflate and deflate. Great purchase if you are into more serious hiking.

    Dislikes: The material is a little slippery making staying on the pad tough when on an incline or decline if you aren't using a Big Agnes system sleeping bag.

  • . Hagerstown MD

    Likes: Easy to blow up. Very light, fits inside of my backpack. VERY comfortable!

    Dislikes: Not good on slopes, my sleeping bag continued to slip off of it.

  • Eric I. Grove City OH

    Likes: The pad was extremely lightweight considering it's thickness and the packing size was amazingly small. The qcore sl was very comfortable and appears to be made of quite durable material despite being lightweight. The pad was very simple to blow up but did take quite a bit of work compared to a self inflating pad. The quilted design was extremely comfortable and supported my back better than any other pads that I have tried out this far. I thought the pad was very quiet when I moved around which was an annoyance for me with the Thermarest neoair line.

    Dislikes: The pad took quite awhile to blow up and I am a non-smoker and work out quite regularly. I was very surprised by the difference in width between the regular qcore and the sl pads. I was expecting the sl to be a lightweight version of the qcore with the same dimensions but was unpleasantly surprised by the difference. The qcore has a concave shape that hugs you when you lay in it which I personally find very comfortable and the qcore sl lays more flat. I can sleep quite comfortably in the long q core pad but would require the long wide in the sl pads and I am not an overly large guy at 6 ft and 190 lbs. I will go with the long size q core instead of the SL due to comfort and cost.

  • Mike B. Raleigh NC

    Likes: Super comfortable and very compact. I use this with my Big Agnes Lost Ranger bag for cold (15 degree) sleeping and Big Agnes Fish Hawk (30 degree) for warmer nights. At 17oz, it's reasonably light weight considering the comfort it provides.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • . Hagerstown MD

    Likes: Just the right size and very comfortible

    Dislikes: No Dislikes

  • Philippe C. Lee Center NY

    Likes: Works great, packs well.

    Dislikes: Wish I had bought the non-mummy version for a tad more foot room.

  • Rick B. Wilmington DE

    Likes: The Big Agnes Q-Core is super comfortable and more than adequately supports my 5' 11" 180 lbs. frame. The best feature is the quilt-like air baffles that give you even support all around and under your body. The materials are sturdy. I’m counting on using it for many years to make it worth the money.

    Dislikes: It takes a lot of breaths to inflate it, a lot, and it is one of the most expensive pads on the market.

  • . Los Osos CA

    Likes: This pad is really light and has a good r-value. That's about it. Now for the bad part.......

    Dislikes: Big Agnes really messed up on the dimensions. Yes, it is 20" wide, like most pads, but ONLY 18" inflated! I'm 6'0", 175#, average shoulder width, and when I laid on my back on the inflated pad, both my arms were totally on the ground. Because this pad is over 3" thick, my arms were 3" lower than my body, which is not comfortable AT ALL. I returned this pad and got an Exped SynMat UL-7 in size Large/Wide, and the comfort is well worth the extra few ounces. B A, you missed the mark on this one.

  • . Chicago IL

    Likes: Very comfortable even for side sleeping.
    Does not deflate overnight.
    Easy to deflate and pack.

    Dislikes: Nothing Yet.

  • . Chicago IL

    Likes: Best night of sleep when backpacking.
    Packs very small and light.
    Quality materials, does not deflate or puncture.
    Easy to inflate and deflate.

    Dislikes: Try to to inflate too fast will get you lightheaded.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: This is an awesome pad. It's light weight, easy to store and very comfortable. The only draw back is it's slippery and a little noisy. The positive's far outweigh the negatives.

    Dislikes: Slippery.

  • Chris Y. Winston Salem NC

    Likes: Easy to inflate, ultra comfortable, good for side sleeping. Packs small.

    Dislikes: Nothing yet

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Extremely comfortable lightweight sleeping pad. The new 2013 model is well worth the cost. I'm small but purchased the wide & long model b/c of the lightweight. It packs small and makes it worth it for the extra inches. No more rolling off my pad.

    Dislikes: Lots of air needed to inflate but I bought the Big Agnes bag and it worked great and took less than 5 minutes to inflate. I think with more practice it will be faster.

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