Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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  • Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Inflatable Sleeping Pad
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Key Features

  • X-Static synthetic insulation
  • Nylon Rip-stop top and bottom
  • Plastic valve
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Inflatable
  • R-value of 5.0


Recommended Use: 3-Season Backpacking or Camping
Item Weight: Petite: 25 oz
Regular: 27 oz
Long: 29 oz
Wide: 36 oz
Dimensions: Petite: 20" x 66" x 4.0"
Regular: 20" x 72" x 4.0"
Long: 20" x 78" x 4.0"
Wide: 25" x 78" x 4.0"
R-Value: 5.0
Type: Infaltable Sleeping Pad
Packed Size: Petite: 5" x 9"
Regular: 5" x 9"
Long: 5.5" x 9"
Wide: 6" x 10"
Other: Stuff Sack and Repair Kit Included
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Highlights

Utilizing a unique "quilted" design, the lightweight and compact Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core inflatable sleeping pad combines warmth (R-value of 5.0) and comfort for year-round backpacking. An internal layer of X-Static synthetic insulation bolsters the rectangular Insulated Q-Core's thermal efficiency.

The Insulated Q-Core's lightweight, durable nylon rip-stop top and bottom have internal polyurethane coatings for waterproof protection. The alternating I-beam construction provides a smooth, comfortable feel and a full 4.0" of thickness. The construction and plastic valve allow the Insulated Q-Core pad to reach full inflation more quickly and easily than standard inflatable pads.

Designed to work in tandem with rectangular Big Agnes sleeping bags as well as other brands of bags, the Insulated Q-Core is available in Petite (20" x 66"), Regular (20" x 72"), Long (20" x 78") and Wide (25" x 78") dimensions.

Each Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core inflatable sleeping pad includes a stuff sack and a repair kit.

Sizes available: Long, Petite, Regular, Wide

Big Agnes part numbers: PQIAL12, PQIAP12, PQIAR12, PQIAWL12

Product Reviews

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Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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  • Christopher F. Kingwood TX

    Likes: What a sleeping pad. I had heard good things, but it truly exceeds expectations. You can't even tell if you are sleeping on rocks. The pad is thick, yet compact enough that it is not cumbersome when packed. Don't expect it to be as compact as others though, the largest size is 4 inches.

    Dislikes: Being so thick, it takes a few minutes to inflate, and as a result, it isn't the easiest to squeeze all the air out of.

  • . Stafford VA

    Likes: This is the best pad I have ever used, I'm a heavy guy with lower back issues and roll a lot. This pad allows me to sleep without discomfort.

    Dislikes: Nothing at this time

  • Chuck N. Chandler AZ

    Likes: This pad may be the most comfortable relatively lightweight pad I have ever used. the Construction keeps the air right under where you need it. As a 230lb side sleeper that is critical for a good night sleep.

    Dislikes: nothing. I liked everything about the Q-Core Pad and have bought more for the rest of my family.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: This is the best sleeping pad I have used. It works for side sleepers, and provides enough cushion for old back injuries. Highly recommended.

    Dislikes: Nothing!

  • Kenneth C. Queens Village NY

    Likes: Great sleeping pad! Should have bought this long ago. Its got a great amount of cushion to ensure a comfortable sleep whether sleeping flat on your back or on your side.

    Dislikes: It take some time to inflate and deflate the pad for storage.

  • Michael E. Statesville NC

    Likes: The offset air chambers create a very comfortable feel while still maintaining a packable weight. Excellent product.

    Dislikes: No dislikes.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: This is my 2nd Big Agnes Q-Core , first one is still going but it is reg. length and being 6' 1" I am tired of my feet off the end , so I broke down and got a long Q-Core , same quality as my previous Q-Core , a very comfortable pad

    Dislikes: Not much not to like about the Q-Cores , infact I can't think of anything except the color

  • Jeff S. Jackson ID

    Likes: Most comfortable sleeping pad I have used. Easily inflated

    Dislikes: A little heavier than my therma rest but well worth the weight.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: As comfortable as it gets. Very well made. Holds the air without slow leaks. Good feeling of insulation plus setting the right inflation amount for my body. I ordered the wide and long model, which is not too wide but gives more space to move. More than enough to shift positions while I sleep while staying on the bag.

    Dislikes: Nothing not to like. Pricey, but high quality and worth it in my opinion.

  • Charles N. Chandler AZ

    Likes: I am a 6'4" 230 pound side sleeper and this pad is extremely comfortable. Just bought my wife a smaller size.

    Dislikes: It can take some time to blow up especially at altitude. Try to find a pumphouse bag to inflate...

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