Big Agnes Hinman Double Wide Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

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Key Features

  • Self-inflating design
  • High-density solid foam
  • Internal PU coating
  • Durable inflation valve
  • Each pad individually inflated and tested
  • Compression straps and stuff sack included
  • Always store pad unrolled with the valve open


Recommended Use: Year-Round Camping
Item Weight: 9 lb 1 oz
Dimensions: 50" x 78" x 2.5"
R-Value: 7.2
Type: Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Packed Size: 21" x 26"
Other: Compression Straps and Stuff Sack Included
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Highlights

The self-inflating Big Agnes Hinman Double Wide sleeping pad measures a sprawling 50" x 78" and delivers optimal camping comfort. A PU-coated nylon exterior houses a 2.5" thick solid foam core, ensuring a warm and comfortable night's sleep.

The Hinman Double Wide pad is self-inflating. When you unroll the pad and open the integrated valve, the open-cell foam core responds by soaking up air, similar to a sponge absorbing liquid. Once the mattress has inflated, you can adjust the firmness by pressing on the pad and allowing air to escape or by manually adding a few puffs of air.

Each Big Agnes Hinman Double Wide self-inflating sleeping pad includes compression straps, a stuff sack and a repair kit. NOTE: Always store the pad unrolled with the valve open.

Big Agnes part number: PHDW13

Product Reviews

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Big Agnes Hinman Double Wide Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

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  • . Brooklyn NY

    Likes: Worked well, insulating us from the ground, softened our place of sleep. Used two of these in a 5-6 person tent for two couples and it was pretty much perfect, covering entire tent floor. Felt luxurious.

    Dislikes: Pads do not compact down very much (for storage and transport), so they're limited to "luxury" car-camping use only. Something half the size would be plenty for a couple in a 2 person tent doing some lighter camping/hiking. But you can't have it all.

  • Christopher F. Neptune Beach FL

    Likes: The pad works perfectly with the dream island sleeping bag, just enough padding to get a good nights rest when camping

    Dislikes: Size of the product when it is stored