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CamelBak Antidote Reservoir Hydration System

The innovative CamelBak Antidote Reservoir, a high-performance upgrade to the award-winning Omega Hydrotanium Reservoir, equips your pack for hands-free hydration.

Antidote Reservoir

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  • Starting at: $30.00
Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir  Hydration System

Unlike traditional hydration bladders, the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir has its own direct-welded “backpanel” that minimizes "barreling" by maintaining a more anatomical shape. Available in 3-Liter and 2-Liter size options.

Hydraulics Reservoir

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  • Starting at: $33.99
Platypus Big Zip LP Hydration System

The lightweight, flexible Platypus Big Zip LP hydration system is totally taste-free, BPA-free and comes complete with a drinking tube and HyperFlow bite valve. A low-profile, baffled design offers efficient performance.

Big Zip LP

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Rating:
  • Starting at: $34.95
Hydrapak Hydrafusion Insulated Tube Set Hydration System Accessory

Used in tandem with your hydration system (sold separately), the Hydrapak Hydrafusion Insulated Tube Set employs a co-extruded design that applies the insulation to the drinking tube itself rather than stretching a sleeve over a standard hose.

Hydrafusion Insulated Tube Set

  • Price: $11.99
Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir  Hydration System

The lightweight, innovative Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir has internal baffling that minimizes sloshing and "barreling". A QuickConnect feature makes refilling the bladder and cleaning or replacing the hose incredibly efficient.

Hydraulics LT Reservoir

  • Innovative lightweight hydration system
  • Rating:
  • Starting at: $28.00
Hydrapak Blaster Bite Valve Hydration System Accessory

The Hydrapak Blaster Bite Valve is a high-flow, easy-to-use, and easy to disassemble and clean option for your hydration system (sold separately). An integrated on/off valve twists easily to make drinking easy and leaks non-existent.

Blaster Bite Valve

  • Price: $5.99
Osprey Sternum Three-Magnet Kit Hydration System Accessory

The Osprey Sternum Three-Magnet Kit enables you to equip any Osprey pack with an integrated connection point for the innovative HydraForm reservoir's drinking tube (system sold separately). The kit includes 3 detachable sternum strap magnets.

Sternum Three-Magnet Kit

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  • Price: $7.99
Osprey Hydraulics Cleaning Kit Hydration System Accessory

The Osprey Hydraulics Cleaning Kit enables you to clean and dry the inside of your Osprey HydrafForm hydration system (sold separately). The set consists of a reservoir cleaning brush, a delivery system cleaning brush and a drying rack.

Hydraulics Cleaning Kit

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  • Price: $23.99
Hydrapak Quantum Clip Hydration System Accessory

Employing a streamlined magnet set, the Hydrapak Elite Quantum Clip allows you to secure the drinking tube of your hydration system (sold separately) in place on a backpack shoulder strap or a sternum strap.

Quantum Clip

  • Price: $6.90
Hydrapak Elite Straight Shot Plug-N-Play Hydration System Accessory

The Hydrapak Elite Straight Plug-n-Play connecter allows the drinking tubes of hydration systems (sold separately) to connect and disconnect easily to reservoirs, making cleaning, replacement, or the filling of the reservoir that much more convenient.

Elite Straight Shot Plug-N-Play

  • Price: $5.99
Platypus Lapel Clip Hydration System Accessory

The Platypus Lapel Clip attaches to your clothing or pack strap to keep your hydration system's drinking tube handy.

Lapel Clip

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  • Price: $4.95
CamelBak Antidote Lumbar Reservoir

The innovative CamelBak Antidote Lumbar Reservoir is specifically designed for athletic pursuits, equipping your pack (sold separately) for hands-free hydration and keepingweight distributed to your hips instead of fatiguing your shoulders.

Antidote Lumbar Reservoir

  • Starting at: $35.00
Hydrapak Shape-Shift Reversible Reservoir System

The Hydrapak Shape-Shift Reversible Reservoir System has a baffled design that cuts down on “sloshing” but also has the ability to be turned completely inside out to make cleaning it considerably easier than what you’ll find from most reservoirs.

Shape-Shift Reversible Reservoir System

  • Starting at: $32.99
Hydrapak Elite Reversible Reservoir System (1.0L)

Anyone who has used a hydration system understands how tricky they can be to clean and dry. The Hydrapak Elite Reversible Reservoir System (1.0L) helps solve that problem by allowing you to reach in and turn the reservoir completely inside out.

Elite Reversible Reservoir System (1.0L)

  • Price: $29.99
Hydrapak Hydraflex Tube (48") Hydration System Accessory

Grant your hydration system (sold separately) extended reach with the Hydrapak Hydraflex Tube (48”). The 1/4” diameter tube can be used to replace a worn out drinking tube or one that isn’t long enough for your purposes.

Hydraflex Tube (48")

  • Price: $5.99
Hydrapak Elite Tube Brush (36") Hydration System Accessory

Extend the life of the drinking tube on your hydration system (sold separately) with the Hydrapak Elite Tube Brush. This 36” long wire brush safely cleans the interior of your drinking tube to keep residue from building up.

Elite Tube Brush (36")

  • Price: $9.99
Osprey Non-Magnetic Bite Valve Hydration System Accessory

The 180-degree pivoting Osprey Magnetic Bite Valve replaces worn-out or broken valves from your Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir (sold separately).

Non-Magnetic Bite Valve

  • Replacement Bite valve
  • Price: $5.99
CamelBak UnBottle Hydration Pack

The UnBottle consists of CamelBak's innovative Antidote Reservoir and an insulated reservoir sleeve. Integrated connection points allow you to attach the UnBottle to almost anything, providing hands-on hydration for all-season usage!


  • 70 oz or 100 oz size options
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  • Starting at: $47.00
  • Out of stock.
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