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Integrated framework provides maneuverability on or off the trail.

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  • Backpacks
    • Internal Frame Packs
      • Women's Packs
        • Daypacks (up to 2700 cubic inches) (18)

          Designed to tote a single day's worth of gear, clothes or books, daypacks are perfect for the trail, around town or the classroom.

        • 2100-3300 cu. in. (19)

          These packs are sized for overnights or a weekend with smaller lightweight gear.

        • 2700-4300 cu. in. (23)

          Ideally sized to carry an average tent, sleeping bag and a typical weekend's worth of food and gear.

        • 3600-5600 cu. in. (13)

          Larger packs for trips of 3 or more days or weekends with lots of gear.

        • Extended Trip Packs (4300+ cubic inches) (4)

          Ideal for excursions of 5 or more days, our largest pack offerings are built to carry heavy loads over long distances.

        • Ultralight Packs (5)

          Lightweight fabrics and streamlined designs for fast and light hiking and backpacking.

        • Climbing Packs (1)

          Technical packs with the features needed for climbing and mountaineering.

        • Snow Sports Packs (3)

          Packs for skiers, snowboarders and winter sports enthusiasts.

        • Hydration Packs (3)

          These backpacks feature reservoirs and drinking tubes for built-in hydration.

        • Weather-Resistant Packs (1)

          Waterproof fabrics, weatherproof zippers and innovative welded seams make these packs ideal for use in humid climates or wet weather.



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