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Adventure Medical Kits SOL L.E.D Micro Light 2-Pak

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Key Features

  • Highly Water Resistant
  • 15 Hours Burn Time
  • Powered by 4 Alkaline Button Cells

Product Highlights

The Adventure Medical Kits SOL L.E.D Micro Light 2-Pak includes two highly water resistant micro flashlights each powered by 4 alkaline button cell batteries that provide approximately 15 hours of burn time. Perfect to clip on your pack, your keychain or even just to stow in a jacket pocket, you'll never be left in the dark.

Adventure Medical Kits part number: 0140-0152

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Adventure Medical Kits SOL L.E.D Micro Light 2-Pak

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  • troye b. denver CO

    Likes: Wow, gives out an incredibly bright LED 10 lumens light while the units are small and unobtrusive. I got these so that my wife and I can exit out of our tent side doors and see at night. For quick easy finding I clip them to the inside zippers which I have equipped with glow in the dark zipper pulls. The Big Agnus Copper Spur 4 has expansive vestibules which allow for plenty of storage so these lights illuminate the entire space to help us organize and find our stuff in the dark within there. The light housing is a sold piece of milled aluminum and the clip is very sturdy, not chintzy at all.

    Dislikes: Nothing. I hope the batteries last. If anything is an Achilles's heel it would be that to pack such a powerful illuminated punch there might be a big drain, but LEDs offer the brightest light with the lowest energy ratio so they should last the 15 hrs. It is powered with 4 watch batteries so when they do go, simply replace these. These and my Kelty Flashback Mini lantern and a handsfree headlamp we have all the compact light-weight illumination we need for our bike tour. Thnx Becky for the incredible customer service on this and everything else!