Adventure Medical Kits Day Tripper Medical Kit

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Key Features

  • Wound Cleaning
  • Serious Bleeding
  • GI Upset
  • Blister/Burn
  • Sprain/Strain

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    Adventure Medical Kits Day Tripper Medical Kit   Adventure Medical Kits Day Tripper Medical Kit

Product Highlights

The Adventure Medical Kits (AMK) Day Tripper medical kit is suitable for 1 to 2 people on trips ranging from 1 to 4 days. Easy organization and a wide array of medical supplies designed to deal with backcountry emergencies make this kit the perfect companion for backpackers and campers.

You’ll find everything you need to treat most backcountry ailments and injuries packaged inside a soft, nylon case with grab handles and a full zippered opening, which allows the Day Tripper to open and lay flat, giving you easy access to medical supplies.

Internal compartments with clear windows make is easy to find the right supply quickly, and AMK uses its Easy Care organizing system to help orient care givers to injury specific items. The contents address wound cleaning, serious bleed, diarrheal illness, blisters, burns, sprains and strains.

Integral components of the Adventure Medical Kits Weekender medical kit include, but are not limited to: wound closure strips; a variety of medications for treating pain, inflammation, and common allergies; trauma pad; and wide elastic wraps to wrap sprains or apply pressure to help control bleeding.

Adventure Medical Kits part number: 0100-0116